Medical care is essential to our lives’ well-being, the reason why many medical facilities continue to establish every day. Liondale Medical is a private medical practice located in the Upper West Side, New York. Lionel Bissoon, D.O. founded it and he is an expert in; anti-aging, regenerative medicine, integrative medicine, and bioidentical hormone treatments. The specialist in men’s health in New York provides solutions to problems affecting men, e.g. low testosterone. The health facility specializes in providing preventive and integrative health care to its patients, focusing on balancing hormones, slowing down aging, and offering safe and effective treatments.

They provide excellent friendly services to their patients, giving them enough time to have direct communication with Dr. Bissoon, with initial visits taking as long as two hours. The ample time given ensures the patients express their health concerns and gets a thorough evaluation.

Dr. Bissoon has more than 20 years of experience and specializes in preventive and anti-aging medicine using treatment methods that do not require drugs. He studied mesotherapy in Paris, where he later introduced the United States treatment, where nearly all mesotherapists in the U.S. use techniques that he pioneered. He is an author of ‘The Cellulite Cure” and has been a guest on various T.V. stations.

Liondale Medical offers its patients with bioidentical hormone replacement, regenerative medicine, medical ozone therapy, and IV nutrients. They provide meticulous care with nutrition specialists, exercise recommendations, and a weight loss plan.

They are specialized and offer services in:


Women reach menopause between the periods of 40 years of age to 50, where their health is affected differently from hot flashes to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. At Liondale medical, Dr. Lionel offers you a comprehensive menopause program supporting every aspect of your health.

Regenerative medicine

It fastens your body’s natural ability to heal by extracting body cells and biochemicals that repair damaged tissues, heal injuries, and treat health conditions. Liondale medical offers regenerative procedures such as stem cells and ozone therapy. Call them today to learn more about their regenerative treatment procedures.


You do not have to look old if you do not want to. Fight age and take back the effects of time with the anti-aging specialist Dr. Lionel at the Liondale Medical through a high-quality treatment program that gives you immediate and long-term results. Call or book an appointment to schedule your consultation today.

Hair loss

It is a problem that affects many men and women for various reasons, mainly the men’s and women’s baldness patterns, especially at the age of 50. Get your hair restored, and your primary hair loss cause determined and treated by Dr. Bissoon at the Liondale Medical clinic. If you have a hair loss problem, call them today or book an appointment to get the best quality service.

Men’s health

At Liondale Medical, Dr. Lionel is dedicated to helping men restore their optimal health, improve their metabolic function, and optimize hormones to address age-related, physical, mental, and sexual problems. Call today to schedule your appointment.

They also offer cosmetic treatments to their patients, such as dermal fillers and Botox, as they believe that patients should look as good as they feel.

Liondale medical focuses on the quality of their services and not the volume of the practice. Put an end to your health sufferings by getting the high-quality treatment service from the experts Dr. Lionel. Call, visit their office, or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation today.