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There is no shortage of knowledge and skills that parents aim to pass down to their children. One of the most vital things that you can impart to your kids is the importance of being eco-conscious. Here are five ways that you can teach your children to be eco-friendly and a good steward of the environment.

Recycle and Re-Use

The cornerstone of an eco-friendly family is a strong commitment to recycling and re-using. This is an easy thing that you can do as a family to show your dedication to preserving the environment. Even young kids can grasp the concept of recycling as much waste as you can.
You can take this one step further by teaching your kids innovative ways to re-use items that you would normally throw away. There are a number of online tutorials that can show you how to repurpose things into something of use. The goal is to demonstrate to kids that not everything needs to go in the trash to sit in a landfill.

Appreciate the Great Outdoors

You can cultivate a love for Mother Earth in your children by teaching them to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors at an early age. You do not even need to use direct words to convey your love of being outside. Take advantage of every opportunity to spend time outside. Family bike rides, hikes through the woods, and days at the beach are all great ways to embrace the beauty of Mother Nature.
Kids will automatically begin to associate the outdoors with fun if you take the time to spend time together outside. This positive association will then inspire them to do what they can to take care of the environment when they get older. It will become second-nature for your children to adopt eco-friendly habits once they cultivate this appreciation for the earth.

Embrace Environmentally-Friendly Means of Transport

It is no secret that our modes of transportation are contributing to the deterioration of the environment. As such, teaching your children about alternative modes of transportation is one of the best ways that you can help them to become more eco-conscious.
Teach your kids that they do not have to use a vehicle every time that you need to go somewhere. Encourage walking or biking when you are able. Make this fun by using an electric bike instead of a traditional mode of transportation. As you are enjoying your time outdoors using eco-friendly modes of transportation, be sure to explain to them the dangers of air pollution and how emissions are harmful to the environment.

Support Sustainable Gardening

Planting and nurturing a sustainable garden in your backyard is an excellent way to teach your kids to be more eco-friendly. Kids will delight in playing in the soil, planting seeds, and watching their work come to fruition with beautiful and nutritious food.
As you are gardening with your child, you can explain to them how to make manure using recycled waste to provide food for the growing plants. This will reinforce the idea of recycling and re-purposing. As a bonus, this will also encourage your children to step outside of their comfort zone and try new foods. They are more likely to eat their vegetables if they had a hand in growing them.

Invest in Your Community

The importance of being an eco-friendly citizen stretches well beyond recycling and reducing your carbon footprint. One of the best ways to impress on your children the importance of taking care of the environment is to get them involved in your local community.
Many communities offer programs and service projects designed to preserve the world around you. Not only will these service projects help the environment and your effort to teach your kids about conservation, but they also help them to understand the importance of serving your community. Perhaps you want to lead by example by organizing a community carpool? Remember that your children are always watching.
Teaching your children how to be more eco-friendly is one of the best ways that you can show them how to be a responsible global citizen. These five tips provide a great start as you embark on this mission to raise eco-conscious children.

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