Chances are, you have seen CBD gummies for sale in many places. They have become very trendy and popular in recent years, and these gummies are some of the clearest indicators of that trend. We say this because CBD was, until recently, a very uncommon (and illegal) treatment. Now, we can see it all over the place. While this is a good thing, there is one problem that many people are having: Telling the good from the bad. As many CBD companies arise to take advantage of this trend, there has also been a flood of low-quality products. To help you avoid all of that, let’s discuss the ways in which you can choose the best CBD gummies.

Look For A Certified Analysis

Anyone can put a gummy on the market and claim it to be “medicinal.” At this point, the CBD industry is somewhat unregulated, making it easier for scams like that to occur. In some cases, you will get gummies that do contain CBD, but not enough to be effective. You should always look into a CBD company before you buy gummies from them.

Sure, you can’t determine the effectiveness of a CBD gummy until you give it a try. However, you can definitely look for information about the company making the CBD gummies. Of course, this product was illegal until 2018, so you can’t expect to find businesses that are long-established. Still, there should be information that you can positively check. When you do this, the first thing you need to find is a certified analysis that shows the levels of CBD, THC, and other common Cannabinoids that are present in each gummy. Any company that fails to provide this should be considered as suspect and avoided accordingly.

Look For Natural Flavors

Like any sort of candy, mrhempflower’s CBG gummies are flavoured in various ways. These flavors come in a wide variety, from fruity things like cherry and orange to more exotic things. Whichever flavor appeals most to you, it’s a good idea to look for naturally-derived flavorings. There are several good reasons to do this, but it mostly comes down to safety. Artificial flavorings can make you sick, and some people are even allergic to them. Aside from that, they don’t tend to taste very good. No one wants their CBD gummies to taste like cough syrup, even though they are medicine.

Read Many Reviews And Testimonials

As we said, this is a product that has only been on the market for a few years. As such, it is very hard to find established retailers who are trustworthy. It seems that many CBD companies are “fly-by-night” companies that appear suddenly and disappear in the same way. That’s why you should try to establish a record for any CBD company whose products you might buy.

The easiest way to do this is to read reviews and testimonials. You should disregard any reviews or testimonials that are provided by the company, as there is an obvious conflict of interest there. You want neutral, third-party reviews that don’t read like an advertisement. Some people will actually pay others to write good reviews for them, so don’t underestimate this factor. Because of this, you cannot judge things by the words of any one individual. Instead, you must analyze the reviews and get a general picture. If you see a trend of satisfied customers, and very few exceptions, that is what you want.

Give Them A Squeeze

This is a very simple trick, but it can do a lot to separate good products from bad ones. A lot of CBD gummies are sold in plastic or foil bags, and these allow you the chance to squeeze the product. Gummies that have sat on the shelf for too long often become hard and tough. When you bite into a gummy like that, you can easily hurt your teeth. Besides, who wants candy that has the consistency of old shoe leather?

Be Suspicious Of Specific Claims

At the present time, the FDA does not allow CBD manufacturers to make specific health claims about their products. We don’t think this is very fair, as CBD has already been proven to be effective. There is a list of studies as long as your arm showing the beneficial effects of CBD (many of which we have shown you in the past). However, for reasons on which we can only speculate, you cannot market CBD in terms of specific health benefits.

Normally, vague and non-specific advertising would be a red flag. However, in this case, such behavior is mandated by law. That’s why you should be suspicious of any CBD gummy product which puts specific health claims on the label. When you see this, it indicates that you are not dealing with a law-abiding company. It also means that their business is likely to be headquartered overseas. Thus, if the product turns out to be no good, you will have little recourse against them.


It is easy to assume that all CBD gummies are the same, as many of them look the same. However, there can be worlds of difference between one product and the next. These rules should be enough to help you avoid the most common pitfalls, but we would advise you to remain vigilant and diligent. Good research, once again, proves to be the deciding factor.