COVID-19 has truly turned the world upside down. So much has changed ever since stay-at-home orders were put in place around the world. While the virus doesn’t seem to be slowing down in America, this doesn’t mean that your love life has to suffer. In fact, investing in your relationship is the best way to make sure it thrives. Even though it might look different during this season, consider seven tips for date nights with your partner.

1. Creative Hobbies

If you both loved to color as children, consider pulling out some crayons, colored pencils and markers to enjoy a coloring session with one another. You can make it sophisticated by turning on romantic music. Pair the experience with delicious snacks and wine. Get creative with the hobbies you two love. If you both enjoy bike-riding, take your bikes to a local bike path. Ride from your house to the local ice cream shop. Get a scoop of ice cream before you two ride back home. You’ll get to combine a hobby with a sweet treat!

2. New Experiences

When you try new things, you’ll expand your capacity to learn, grow and evolve. Create this space in your relationship by trying new experiences together. Develop a routine where you prepare a new dessert with each other. This can be a fun activity where you get to spend time together while also learning new skills. If you have the time and enjoy cooking, consider creating a full meal together.

3. Off-Limit Conversations

Because this pandemic has triggered a myriad of negative emotions for so many, it’s not uncommon to feel some of those feelings at any given time. However, be intentional about making date night a sacred time where you two can emotionally retreat from the concerns and heaviness of what’s happening in life. Decide the topics that are off-limits during date night. Whether you avoid discussing hot-button topics surrounding the news or anything that can potentially erupt into an argument, it’s best to make those rules ahead of time. This definitely doesn’t mean you two shouldn’t have hard conversations. However, during date night, keep things light as an emotionally safe space for light-hearted fun. This can include anything from old memories from your childhood to looking up your daily horoscopes. Anything that the both of you enjoy while keeping things light.

4. Decreased Usage of Electronics

During date nights, give your partner your undivided attention. Between children, conference calls and social media, there are so many stimulants that cause people to feel the need to perform. However, when you’re with your partner for a date night, this is a chance to let your hair down, be vulnerable and disconnect from the noise. By putting away your phones, you’ll increase the ability to remain in the moment. If you’re watching a movie together for date night, don’t let that be the only way you connect. Make sure there’s face-to-face conversation.

5. Quick Getaways

As most states have loosened up their restrictions, others are hunkering down again because of the surge in COVID-19 cases. Before you enjoy a getaway, do your research to learn which states are safer than others. There’s always a risk when you leave your home. However, it’s okay to enjoy a camping getaway or a quick weekend retreat at a nearby hotel. Many hotels are providing excellent rates and increased sanitation protocols. If you and your partner feel good about an overnight date experience, get away for a day or two.

6. Dining with Caution

Depending on the state you’re in, many restaurants have opened up their dining options. In order to remain as safe as possible, consider visiting restaurants that have an outdoor dining option. When you’re in an outdoor location with strict social distancing protocols, this puts you in a much safer position. If you feel more comfortable using disposable utensils and kitchenware, let the server know. Otherwise, you and your partner can still order your food for pick-up. Once you’ve picked up the meal, simply go to a local park with a large picnic blanket. Enjoy your dinner as the sun sets.

7. Games

Fun games can help you two communicate better with one another. You can go online to see the games that are the most popular with families and friends for game nights. You’ll probably need to make a few modifications since it’s just the two of you. Still, a good game can become an excellent foundation for a good date night.

During the pandemic, you can develop a different mindset regarding how you’re going to grow from the experience. When you and your partner get on the same page regarding how you’d like to thrive in this season, you can experience an incredibly beautiful elevation in your relationship.