Whether it is to create a small but functional bathroom or a large, spacious and family bathroom, the design of this room must be well thought out before you start the work. Choose your perfect bathroom renovations options available now.

First, because this space is reduced

This is often the smallest room of the house in which all the elements must be cushioned with accuracies for the space to be optimized. Also because it is a particularly technical part which concentrates all the construction parts: electricity, plumbing, tiling, masonry.

What surface do you have?

In 2-3 m² you have the place to create an additional functional bathroom. Equipped with a shower, it will serve as a complement to a larger bathroom but will be ideal for accomplishing the quick daily toilet.

If you have 6 m² you can create a bathroom for the whole family with a bathtub and a shower cabin. Provide plenty of storage and a double sink for simultaneous use.

The lighting in front of the mirror should be powerful without being aggressive or dazzling. Place them neither too high at the risk of accentuating dark circles, nor too low so as not to lengthen the nose; the ideal is around the mirror (like an artist’s lodge). Halogen lamps, which provide good natural light, are ideal.

From 8 m² you can think of a relaxation room where you can relax after a long day of work. To find yourself there as a couple or as a family, install an armchair, bath, sauna, soft lighting.

Who is going to use this bathroom?

The equipment and the style obviously depend on the people who will use the bathroom. If it is the only bathroom in a family of 4: install a bathtub and a shower corner, hide the equipment (a shower behind a partition for example), so that the room can be occupied simultaneously while maintaining a semblance of privacy. Install a double sink and lots of storage.

If it is mainly reserved for children, think the most waterproof (tiling on all the walls), more fun and more colorful, but also safer in terms of safety (thermostatic valves to avoid burns, high controls).

If the bathroom must be accessible to a person who has difficulty moving around, specific arrangements must be made (support bars, lower equipment height, wider door, higher toilet bowl,  more powerful light,  etc.).

If the bathroom has to allow a quick but efficient daily toilet: optimize its organization, it needs less storage space, shower + basin are sufficient, open there onto the bedroom as in this example of a house extension.

Some rules to find the ideal layout

Place the sink near a source of natural light. To simplify the water pipe network, place against the same wall: bath, sink, shower and toilet.A bathroom renovation is mainly about creating a new look by drastically changing, moving and improving certain objects. In a small bathroom (less than 5 m²) arrange the elements preferably against the walls to free up central space. On the contrary, in a large bathroom (from 7m²) you can place the elements in the center of the room to occupy the space.