Read about how to switch up your winter wardrobe setup to ensure your cold weather clothes stay in great condition.

Winter wardrobe care is much more tricky than summer wardrobe care. This is because winter clothes are much thicker, heavier, prone to being wet and staining, and sometimes more delicate than summer clothes. It can be challenging to maintain, keeping a winter wardrobe practical and dry all whilst keeping everything in great condition. To help you keep your winter wardrobe in great shape, take a look at these handy tips:

Stop Stacking Coats

It can be a habit to keep coats hung on hooks in the porch or entrance because it seems like the most practical option for wet coats. It’s meant to help the coats dry, whilst also keeping them away from more delicate clothes.

The problem is, stacking coats on top of each other can breed mould. It can cause the coats to stay damp, grow mould and start to smell. The wall underneath can also be prone to mould.

If you can, dry the coats off elsewhere if they are soaking, then hang them up. You should also avoid stacking lots of coats on top of each other, regularly placing dry coats in your wardrobe, and placing dry waterproofs back in the car in case of bad weather.

Air It Out

In the UK 2020 saw one of the wettest winters on record, which is why it is so important to air your wardrobe out regularly in winter. Clothes can gather damp and debris easily in the colder months and closing them away can invite must, mould and even rot. Airing the wardrobe out helps to dry things out and keep nasty smells away.

Clean Clothes Before Storing

Always clean your clothes before storing them in winter. Leaving mud on clothes you then store could lead them to becoming stained and damaged.

It can be tempting just to chuck clothes back in the wardrobe after using them, but if you want them to stay in good condition it is important to always clean them first.

Remove Summer Clothes Altogether

Winter clothes are thicker and heavier so you need the whole wardrobe for them. To clear space you should put your summer clothes away. You may want to vacuum pack them and put them under the bed, or perhaps you have a spare room where you can hang them and keep them safe until summer again.

If you are struggling for space you might want to consider using cheap self storage to store your summer wardrobe. It can be handy to keep your things in order between seasons, especially if you have an extensive clothes collection. Do take care to clean and store your clothes properly before placing them into low-cost self storage so they’re in great condition when you get them back out next summer.

Use Creative Storage

Winter clothes can be bulky and tricky to store well, especially if your wardrobe is quite small. Consider being creative with cost-effective storage for your winter clothes to help manage them better. Here are some suggestions for creative winter wardrobe storage:

  • Use a basket for soft items like scarves, thick socks and gloves that you want to grab quickly
  • Always return waterproofs and pack-a-macs to the car so they are always to hand when you need them
  • Keep a waterproof trug available to put wet clothes in until you can clean and dry them
  • Keep condensation absorbers in your wardrobe to catch any excess moisture
  • Avoid using plastic to store your clothes items as they trap moisture, use breathable clothes covers instead

Your Winter Wardrobe Can Be Clean, Dry & In Great Shape

With our tips above and lots of creativity, you can keep your winter wardrobe in great shape. It does take a little more time and effort, but the payoff is warm, great looking clothes available to enjoy whatever the weather outside.