Rotate your wardrobe seasonally to get a compact and functional wardrobe, and less clutter.


Many of us wish we had a more functional and minimalist wardrobe, but we don’t know how to get it. You might see ‘capsule wardrobe’ mentioned on fashion programmes, and wish you could be the person who created one for yourself.

A really great way to ensure the clothes in your wardrobe at any one time can work well for you, is to seasonally rotate your clothing. You might have a big wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean the space should be full of clothing you won’t be using for months.

The Benefits Of Seasonally Rotating Your Wardrobe

For people who want more functionality and space in their wardrobe, seasonal rotation works. There are many benefits to doing it, including:

  • Clothes you get back out of cheap self storage feel fresh and exciting again
  • The clothes in the wardrobe are only the clothes you wear during that season
  • Better organisational aesthetics
  • A need to check items before they are placed in storage, helping with seasonal decluttering. See
  • A need to assess what items need adding to a seasonal wardrobe in time for new trends
  • Less choice everyday, for easier decision-making
  • Less use of space, if you do have a compact home
  • Clothes are less likely to get dusty or crushed because the wardrobe is more spacious

Putting The Time In To Get Started

With a seasonal wardrobe you do have to put more effort in, than you would with a wardrobe where everything is just crammed in. This is especially true in the beginning when you have to set your system up. If you don’t know where to start, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go through every item of clothing and accessory in your wardrobe and assess whether it should stay. Does it need maintenance? Do you like it? Does it fit? Every sock, every bra, every coat, every pair of sleep-shorts should be considered. This will help you cull items, and arrange to replace or repair items that need attention.

Step 2 – Now you have a hold on what is staying in your wardrobe, you can separate everything into seasons. Some clothes will be ‘every season’ of course. The rest can be sorted into four piles or two, depending on how much you want to rotate your things. Most people do an Autumn/ Winter and a Spring/ Summer rotation.

Step 3 – Now you can put seasonal rotation into place. Every time you do the switch, inspect everything going into storage and cull accordingly. Take care to store things in cheap self storage so that they come out in good condition. The items that come out should be assessed too, so you only have clothes you really want and need in your wardrobe at any one time.

By following these steps you can enjoy a wardrobe that is only ever full of clothes that fit, that you like, that are suitable for the season.

You Can Seasonally Rotate Your Wardrobe To Success

It might take a little bit of effort to prepare for, and get used to seasonally rotating your clothes. However, the result will be a more functional and spacious wardrobe, a more decluttered overall selection of clothes, and a more considered seasonal selection that makes it easier to dress day to day.

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