2020 has demonstrated to us that going online might be the only chance for most businesses and professions to survive in a face of a global crisis. But the tendency of digitizing is not new, it is a graduate process that has been going on for several years already. At least 5 years ago at least 80% of customers in Thailand claimed that they have been learning about new businesses in their neighborhoods online before they even discovered them physically. And of course, the statistics have grown dramatically since then. Since the Thai business world is picking up going international, a quality online presence is as crucial nowadays as it has never been before. So even if until now your business has successfully existed entirely offline, this might be the time to broaden your horizons.

Reasons to move online now

  • Digital marketing.

The era of TV and radio commercials have slipped into oblivion simply because people have replaced them with social media. Just like there is no reason to scream in the desert, spending significant funds on old-school marketing tools is a waste. Investing in a website, you set the ground for your digital branding strategy – the modern promotional method that will take your business to the next level.

  • Display yourself.

While setting an offline business, you always had to consider the location, size of the property, and many other factors that would help you display your brand and goods and make it accessible for a wider auditorium. Moving online you don`t only save a lot of money on those efficient but costly factors, but become visible for potential customers worldwide, significantly widening your sales market.

  • Build trust.

Your website is not just a display of your products and services – it is also a source of information for your customer. While people Google everything now, giving all the necessary information online will create a trustworthy atmosphere that will attract new customers. And adding a link to purchase will significantly boost up your sales.

  • Collect data.

Surprisingly, when being asked for personal information offline people tend to keep secrecy, but they willingly fill up forms online. Having a website with a registration option will give you access to valuable personal information from your customers. It will help you build a database and give a comprehensive picture of your average customer. Also, you will be able to keep in touch with newsletters, social media contacts, and exclusive private offers.

  • Help them find you.

When people need a hair salon or new shoes, they don`t go browsing streets in 2020. Nowadays internet search is the main source of information, whether you are writing a school essay or looking for a vegan restaurant in the neighborhood. Having a website nowadays is not just the easiest but sometimes the only way to let customers know about your existence.

While web design in Thailand is rightfully named among the most inspiring in the whole industry, Thai businesses are nowadays just starting to understand the significance of quality online presence. Building a modern-looking and mobile-friendly website today will give your business a huge advantage in front of your competitors and let you obtain a larger segment on the market. Thai web designers have extraordinary skills in combining Eastern and Western web design trends. They adapt existing websites to any target market and build original and unique sites from the scratch, taking Thai business and economy a whole new level.