Men and women crave plump lips. You will notice that many celebrities have redefined their looks by enhancing their lips, making the practice popular today. Lips are the first impression you give out when you meet your friends, and sometimes you might not be comfortable with your lips, as small lips may come between you and your confidence. Your Chicago lip augmentation specialist can give your lips the redefinition they deserve to make you stand out from the rest with plump, more attractive lips like a celebrity.

How lip augmentation works

Lip augmentation is a procedure in the cosmology field whose objective is to give plump and attractive lips. When you visit Elysium SurgiSpa, Dr. Mick will provide you with injections that fill the lips with dermal substances, resulting in a new, redefined look, just like your favorite celebrity. The procedure involves using many substances, however the usual substance contains hydrochloric acid that shapes your mouth to the desired state. Hydrochloric acid is a natural substance in the body and does not harm your lips. Other fillers in the procedure include collagen, poly-lactic, and hydrophilic polyacrylamide. Dr. Mick will use dermal substances based on your health profile and avoid those that trigger an allergic reaction.

During the procedure, the doctor will make an assessment by taking images of your lips. Images help the doctor make a proper assessment of your lips to determine their symmetry. The doctor will fill the areas that do not align with the rest of your lips using dermal fillers. Apart from lip augmentation, they also help in other facial surgeries. The procedure is quick, taking about 10-15 minutes, and can occur within your lunch break or a quick visit to the doctor.

What to expect after the procedure

After the procedure, expect some side effects that will go away on their own. Since the process is a surgical one. Patients will have varying experiences, including:

  • Bleeding and tenderness at the point of incision, however, your doctor will first check your medical history for allergic reactions’ susceptibility.
  • Non-allergic inflammation on the mouth and numbness caused by nerve palsy
  • Other side effects include the reactivation of some infections in the regions around the mouth.

Am I a good candidate?

Caution is essential before planning the surgery. People with a history of bleeding should inform the doctor before the surgery. Patients with a history of taking aspirin should take caution to prevent excessive bleeding while undertaking the procedure. The doctor will take other precautionary measures, such as avoiding fat-filled areas and intravascular injections due to the limited collateral.

The results of the procedure are firm and plumper lips. The process is suitable for all genders, especially those with volume loss around their mouth and those that want to rejuvenate their looks, as everyone loves the feeling of looking pretty. Visit Elysium SurgiSpa Aesthetics & Medical Spa located in River North, Chicago, IL, or make an online appointment to get insightful information about lip augmentation procedure.

Lip Augmentation is an in-office procedure using derma Filler to help rejuvenate or produce more volume in the lips.  This procedure is done with a very specific technique that is unique to Dr. Mick that results in longer lasting lips.  His unique technique is performed under a nerve block that allows for a painless procedure.  Unlike other lip “jobs” this technique in augmentation results in very natural and proportioned results.  LipAug MD is performed by our cosmetic surgeon and Medical Director, Dr. Mick Singh who will create your lips utilizing the best Hyaluronic Acid Fillers under a nerve block that makes this a painless and very comfortable procedure.