Home broadband is an ever-improving industry, with providers striving to be able to give us the fastest internet and most accessible coverage possible constantly. Despite all of these advancements, there are still a few common pitfalls that we all face, the most prominent of which is the inability to find consistent and reliable WiFi in all areas of your home. These all too common ‘notspots’ can be infuriating, as they leave entire areas without access to the internet for seemingly no reason – this also means that you can’t use internet-enabled devices in these areas, which can lead to certain areas of the household getting cramped if multiple users are looking to get online at the same time. Below, you can find Zen Internet’s top tips for boosting your home WiFi, including using a MESH WiFi network!

Router Placement 

An obvious, yet seemingly incredibly overlooked method for improving your WiFi signal is router placement; if your router is situated in the wrong location, it can often encounter lots of disruption which can interrupt service in other areas of your home. This interference can be caused by microwaves, other electrical devices, mobile phones, or even the architectural makeup of your home. In general, you’ll want your router to be as central as you can within the household, avoiding placing it near other devices that can cause disruption. Placing the router on a shelf is a popular choice, as this gives the router leverage and centrality within your home.

Check The Channel 

If that doesn’t work, another quick fix can be to change the channel that your router is operating on – often there are multiple channels in your area, so some will naturally have heavier usage than others. You can edit your channel by accessing your router settings by entering your router address into your browser – from here you have access to the intricate settings of your router, where you can also set up separate 5GHz access, where you may be able to experience faster speeds, however, may also find shortening in a range from your router. 

Update Your Router 

Much like a smartphone or an application, routers can often need updating to ensure that they’re in the best possible condition to process and execute the functions that are required to give the user the best experience possible. Keeping your router up to date in terms of firmware will ensure that your router is able to give you as reliable a service as possible. 

MESH WiFi Networks

If you’re looking for a complete upgrade to your home broadband setup, MESH WiFi has to be a consideration – this intuitive setup allows you to create a blanket coverage across your home which means you eliminate notspots and ensure that your whole home has adequate internet access. MESH WiFi networks operate using a series of nodes that are placed throughout your home, offering a boosted signal in those areas. This will allow you to easily find strong connections throughout your home, regardless of where you are. MESH also allows you to seamlessly roam around your home passing from node to node, which is one of the biggest downsides to regular WiFi range extenders.

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a more substantial change to your home broadband network, there are many options available to help you boost your WiFi to the next level. If you find that you’re still struggling to find a level of internet access you’re happy with, it might be time to consider a switch to a new provider who offers better packages in your local area. Find out if you’re eligible for a Zen Every room or Ultrafast broadband package by using their area checker.