Statistics show that the average lifespan of the American woman today is 83 years, thanks to the new and transformed women’s health care. In the 1900s, the average lifespan was 50 years. Thanks to the latest and advanced medical technologies such as what David Foulk, MD, has been offering for over 30 years, women live longer, which is very encouraging news. Today, more and more women are taking charge of their bodies and now understand what to do to maximize their overall wellbeing.

Why it is important to take charge of your overall health

Being in charge of your health is vital to a life well-lived. This is much more essential, especially when you live with a chronic health condition(s). If you observe this, you will, in the end, reap better health outcomes. Here are some of the health tips that you can start keeping tabs on.

Improve your lifestyle

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is essential if you are to have good health. This means that you should stick to a healthy diet and get regular exercise. These will ensure your weight is in check, and also blood pressure levels are within the healthy range. Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet is also good for your blood sugar. Therefore women should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You should also strive to limit added sugars, trans-fats, and sodium. This is pretty doable, and when you observe it, no doubt you will be at the top of your overall health.

Scheduling A Physical Exam

Frequent health exams are essential in preventing diseases. With exams, problems can be detected earlier and dealt with accordingly. A primary care provider reviews your personal and family history, checks vital signs, and gathers related information that helps them have a closer look at your overall health. They might order blood tests to help ascertain that your organs are functioning well. They may also recommend additional screening tests depending on your age, family, and medical history.

Keeping Track Of Your Medical Records

Women should maintain personal health records to share with their healthcare providers. Doing this provides your doctor with up to date information on your health status so that they can make informed decisions. Your health record should include your medical condition and medical history, medications, and emergency contacts. Also, have the dates and results of medical checkups and screening tests.

Common health challenges among women

Some conditions are more common among women than in men. Such exclusive women’s health concerns include cervical cancer, breast cancer, heart attacks, urinary tract condition, and menopause, to mention a few. If these are not detected early, they can pose considerable health risks later.

Luckily, at Marion OB/GYN Inc, you will benefit from many healthcare services for women. With more than 30 years of service, no condition is off-limits. Some of the services offered here include birth control, obstetrics, pregnancy, TempSure, laser skin renewal, CoolScupting, hysterectomy, and much more. Schedule a consultation with your specialist to learn more healthy living tips.

David W. Foulk, MD, prides himself on pioneering the most state-of-the-art, comprehensive women’s healthcare treatment in the Marion, Ohio, area. He founded Marion Ob/Gyn Inc. over 30 years ago with the mission of providing innovative and minimally invasive procedures, while forging a practice built on trust and compassion. Dr. Foulk was the very first recipient of Marion General Hospital’s Physician of the Year Award. He was also the recipient of the Customer Service Physician Champion Award in 2012 for Marion General and Ohio Health.