Wedding photography is not just about capturing a sequence of images of various ceremonies and events. If you are planning to marry then you will need to pick a wedding photography Melbourne studio that can create a visual story of the all important day. This takes some effort on the part of the parties getting married and the wedding photographer.

The photographer is the narrator 

 The photographer becomes the narrator of your wedding story. A simple sequence of events does not tell the story. Stories have a human side and for the photographer to succeed as a narrator he must get to know you, your family and maybe your friends. His task is to bring out the natural look and the personality trait of the chief characters and show their emotions as well as expressions. Characters do not act in isolation. They need a backdrop. In this case it is the wedding venue, the home, the reception setting that form the backdrop. Against this backdrop you have actions captured at just the right moment. The look on a face, a tear at the corner of the eye, a whimsical smile, a look of astonishment – they tell a story.

A single photographer cannot tell the complete story 

There is a good reason why wedding photography Melbourne studios recommend that you opt for a package in which you have two or more photographers covering the event as it unfolds. One or even two photographers focus on the couple and the ceremonies, capturing images from various angles using different lenses that give a close-up or wide-angle view. While this is going on another photographer is busy circulating and capturing photos of the guests and their expressions. One guest may have fallen asleep. A young girl may be watching with her mouth open in awe, wondering when her turn will come. Kids may be busy playing. A lot is happening in other area during the wedding and the reception. It is not just people. A photo of the flower arrangements, of the ring, the wineglasses, the gifts and even a stray pup on the scene all add to the story. Always book a wedding photo package in which you have several photographers. The visual story becomes more interesting plus, when you go through the album you will know all that was happening while you were engaged in the ceremonies.

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The album 

In these days of Instagram and instant sharing the printed image may seem redundant but print still holds its own against pixel displays on small and large screens. There is a feeling of timelessness in holding a book of the visual story of your wedding and leafing through the album. As you turn each leaf the story develops, leading to the grand finale. The album design gives the photographer to juxtapose images that convey a particular story or tell something different. This is not possible when you view a slideshow on your PC. An album does cost extra but you will find that investing in album will help you relive those moments much better than viewing images on your smartphone or TV.


Photographers specializing in wedding photography Melbourne generally have fixed packages and specify a certain number of hours. If you want the full story you will want to hire wedding photographers to cover the entire event from start to finish. Otherwise it would be like a book with a few chapters missing from the story. Make a short list of all the events starting with the getting ready bridal shots to the final send off. Now you can add more like an engagement shoot or a photo shoot that shows how you two met, for instance. Most fairy tales begin with “….once upon a time..” Let the album tell a visual fairy tale of your wedding with a timeline in addition to emotions, moods, actions and happenings.

Hire the right photographers 

Not everyone can tell or write a story. It is the same with wedding photographers. They may have excellent technical skills and the ability to compose but a story is about moods, emotions and happenings in sequence. Hire photographers who can and do excel in capturing emotions and moods as well as events that all go into becoming a story of your wedding. Capturing a moment means the photographer has to be on his toes all the time and be ready to snap the image at the vital moment, possibly getting as close-up a view as possible. Close-up emotional shots have greater impact compared to a wide angle shot in which the face forms a small part of the image. This is one factor and there are others that make a photographer a visual storyteller. It does not happen overnight. A photographer spends years and photographs dozens of weddings before he becomes an adept visual storyteller.