There are different ways to assess the skills of candidates before hiring them for the job. Each enterprise has its recruiting process with various stages where the pool of candidates decreasing at every stage.

While the initial process starts with screening resumes, we cannot ignore the fact that a good number of candidates tend to stretch the truth in their resumes. Many studies have reported that more than 50% and even up to 85% of the candidates lie on their resumes.

Enterprises need better screening methods to shortlist eligible talent and hire the best suited candidates for the job. This will help in decreasing the percentage of a bad hire and employee turnover. While background check is one way to separating the truth from the lies, it takes way too much time, effort, and money to conduct a detailed background check on every application. This is best done during the later stages of recruiting.

To help with the initial screening, pre employment tests, which are also known as skills assessments, are one of the most favored methods of hiring eligible candidates in the current scenario. Many small, medium and large scale enterprises have been successfully using these assessments to test their potential employees based on a multitude of factors.

Around 80% of enterprises are already using pre employment assessments at various stages of recruiting. One of the most convenient aspects of these tests is that they can be used any number of times at any stage of hiring. While some enterprises prefer to use assessment tests during the initial screening, some prefer to have advanced-level assessments at the later stages. When combined with the video interviews that can be conducted using the assessment tools, enterprises have better chances of hiring the most eligible and capable candidates.

When Looking for Skills Assessment Test, enterprises will notice that there are various factors to consider. While there is no doubt that pre employment tests are a boon to enterprises, choosing the right test, preparing a suitable test form, and defining parameters for evaluation are the responsibility of the enterprise. Enterprises need to know how to effectively use the assessment tools to get the best results.

  • Clarity of Goals

    • One reason some enterprises do not get the expected results even when they use pre employment assessments is because of their lack of clarity of the long-term and short-term goals.
    • For any business to run successfully, it should have targets for the near and distant future. The management and employees should be aware of the goals so that they can work in tandem to achieve them.
    • Before hiring more employees, the enterprise should evaluate the performance of the existing employees and identify the reasons for high employee turnover. This will set the foundation to understand what they should avoid when hiring the next batch of employees.
    • From hard to soft skills of the employees to their behavior at work, every aspect has to be considered and given equal importance. Once the management has full information regarding the goals, it can start searching for the best platform available in the market to conduct pre employment assessments.
  • Finding an Efficient Platform

    • Many companies in the market are offering effective assessment tools for enterprises to integrate into their recruiting process. While each tool has its advantages, the enterprise has to decide which of those suits them the best.
    • A testing tool that can be easily integrated into the HR system of the enterprise will be advantageous for the team involved in the recruiting process. From customizing the test form to including interactive data and evaluating the forms based on pre-defined parameters to reduce human error, the assessment tools should reduce the time and cost involved in the process by at least 60%.
  • Choosing the Assessment Test

    • Though Looking For Skills Assessment Test is not as easy as it sounds, it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. When the enterprise has a clear picture of the vision and mission of the business, reworking on the job description becomes easy.
    • The following are some of the different types of assessment tests that can be conducted to comprehensively analyze the abilities of a candidate. Each test type is further classified based on the level of complexity and experience required for the job.
    • Subject-based assessments
    • Job-based assessments
    • Personality assessments
    • Behavioral assessments
    • Psychometric assessments
    • Skill-based assessments

Enterprises can contact the top companies that provide pre employment testing tools to conduct the assessments online. The tools are flexible and can be customized to include the logo, brand name, color theme, and other information related to the enterprise so that candidates will be motivated to give their best shot.