One of the first considerations that you make whenever you decorate a room is the size of it. This is, of course, also true when you are decorating your bedroom. One of the best rooms about a bedroom is that the limitations in size do not have to lead to limitations in choices. What is more, it is far easier to turn a small-sized room into a haven where you can relax like nowhere else and where the world becomes a peaceful, friendly place. So, how exactly do you do it?

Be smart with the colors

perfect bed for your roomWhen you ask experts about painting a small room, they will almost always tell you to go with a light color, preferably white. This makes perfect sense. A light color opens up any space and in your case; this means that you will make your small bedroom at least a bit bigger. However, you do not have to limit yourself to just white or near-white color. You can, if you want, put in a single wall of a bright color that will literally make the room explode. The only thing to avoid is the dark palette as it will turn your room into more of a cave.

Be creative with your elements

When we are talking creativity with elements, we are mostly thinking about their purpose and re-purposing them. For instance, you can nowadays get beds which have headrests that actually open and that can be a place where you can put your bed sheets, pillows and so on. In the same vein, you can find beds with headrests that also feature in-built shelves or even lights that you can use instead of a bedside lamp. Always try and use elements that will have more functions than one.

Use your walls

No matter how small bedroom is, it will always have at least four walls that you can use for a number of things. For one, you can use the walls to bring action to your small bedroom, with posters, recesses where you can put in decorations or even with decorative cornice work that will bring romance to your room. You can also use your walls to hand elements from them. For instance, you can get floating nightstands that are simply attached to the wall next to your bed without using up too much space.

Do not drown your room

Sometimes we tend to go overboard when it comes to putting in stuff into our bedrooms. For instance, dozens of cushions on our bed – a perfectly viable decorative element in a regular-size or big-size bedroom. In a smaller bedroom, it may be a bit too much to be perfectly honest. Also, lush, huge curtains will also “suffocate” your small bedroom. It is better to go with blinds. Or, another great idea for small bedroom curtains are plants. Yes, you can put in plants on the inside of the window, providing you with a touch of nature as well as the privacy you need.