An apartment can be a great place to live when you’re on your own or with a single roommate. It tends to get crowded, though, as you put more people into a limited space. If those people happen to be children, though, that space will get cramped even more quickly. If you do happen to live in an apartment with two or more children, you will definitely want to heed the following advice to better handle your living situation.

Upgrade Your Living

There comes a point where your basic two-bedroom basement apartment isn’t going to cut it anymore, and your third child is definitely at that point. As your family grows but you still aren’t ready to commit to homeownership, a luxury apartment can go a long way to help you get the family-friendly atmosphere you need to raise multiple children. Luxury means more space, better quality appliances, and leases that don’t leave you wondering if you’ll have to move every three months.

One of the best parts of living in a luxury apartment is the amenities. Make sure that you use these as much as you can, both to get your money’s worth and to give your family a little more space to spread out. Whether this means letting older kids do homework in the business center or simply ensuring that you all use the pool to get some exercise, these amenities can help your space to feel much bigger.

Dedicate Space for Yourself

It’s very important that you dedicate at least some space for yourself. Whether this means making the bathroom a place where you can hide away in peace or even making a corner of the dining room into your office area, you need a space that’s going to be entirely yours. While this is definitely easier to enforce with older children, it’s something to keep in mind even when your children are young.

Look at Storage

If you feel like you don’t have enough room to live with your children in an apartment, you may want to look into getting some kind of storage unit. While many apartments actually offer amenities like garages that you can rent, you may need to go off-site to find a place to store things like old toys and even clothes that are out of season. Doing so gives your children more room to play and will help you to feel less like the walls are closing in around you.

Maximize Your Space

It’s also a good idea to maximize the space that you have available by investing in good organizational solutions. Freeing up space in a closet can give your children more space in their rooms to play, for example, and even being able to mount a television on the wall can give you a few more precious square feet. Anything that you can do to maximize your space will help you to feel a little less cramped in your apartment.

It’s entirely possible to live comfortably in an apartment with several children. If you can make the most of your space and your amenities, you’ll feel like you all have enough room to comfortably live. Once you’ve established that, you can really enjoy all the benefits that come with apartment living.