Planning a birthday party is often an exciting time. You get to choose decorations, the food that will be served, the games that the kids will play, and the type of cake that you’re going to get for the guest of honor. Another important detail that you shouldn’t forget is what you’re going to give as a gift. Fortunately, there are a few ideas to consider. Make your child’s birthday unforgettable by giving them a unique gift.


Although there’s probably already a few pieces of furniture in your child’s bedroom, there could be a few fun pieces that you can add. A large beanbag chair with a reversible design is an option for a child who enjoys relaxing. If you know that your child likes to read and study, then you might want to find a desk that has a lot of shelves and a new chair for the bedroom. You can set up a desk station for creativity if your child likes art. Portable bunk beds are an idea as well, especially if your child spends the night with friends or has friends who come over to your house on a regular basis.


Start a collection of PartyToyz for your child. Get a few shelves that you can install in your child’s bedroom before the party without anyone seeing. Order a few figurines of favorite movie or cartoon characters that you’ll leave in boxes on the shelves. You can wrap the figures or give your child a few at the party before the big reveal in the bedroom. Finding toys that your kids can collect can become a fun and unique hobby for them. It can become a much more personalized gift as well.

Outdoor Toys

From a swimming pool that glows in the dark to a swing that looks like a skateboard, there’s nothing like new toys to play with outside. For younger children, you can get an animal that can be ridden by pressing a button. There are also larger vehicles that have pedals and steering wheels that children often enjoy. You can usually find vehicles for girls and boys that feature fun colors for each gender as well as the details that they like to see, such as a bulldozer with a lift at the front or a princess carriage that plays music.

Monthly Gift Sets

There are numerous subscriptions that you can order for your child to receive each month. An example would be a box of clothes or a box filled with books and stickers. You might have to do a little research to find out which company would be the best for your child, but it’s a gift idea that continues to give each month and provide them with new toys and activities regularly.

When you’re planning a birthday for your child, don’t forget a few fun surprises. The gifts that you give should be thought out instead of a gift that is spur of the moment. Consider gifts that you know will be used or those that will be appreciated a bit more than those that will be tossed in a corner.