It is known that ecological issues are the most discussed today and as a result, a huge amount of industrial companies fight against pollution, and Nornickel is not an exception.

Norilsk Nickel sets nature preservation as one of its key goals and implements diverse projects that lead to environmental protection both locally and globally.

Norilsk Nickel does its utmost to combat pollution, takes care of various spheres, and pays attention to air and water protection, biodiversity conservation, and climate change issues.

This article will overview the activities and key projects the company is involved in and show how the measures taken help to decrease the Norilsk pollution level and contribute to environmental protection in the global arena.

Nornickel Combats Pollution Actively Using Environmental Management System

As mentioned above, Norilsk Nickel combats pollution on all the levels. It pays attention to:

  • climate change issues
  • water protection
  • air protection
  • global warming problems
  • biodiversity conservation
  • waste management

and it is obvious that Nornickel takes measures in order to effectively contribute to the environmental protection in all the spheres.

For instance, in terms of air protection, this industrial giant gradually reduces emissions, modernizes the facilities and equipment, leads diverse projects, and participates in international campaigns the aim of which is to decrease the level of emissions and minimize carbon footprint globally.

In the sphere of water protection, Norilsk Nickel upgrades existing water systems, implements new water cycles as well as constructs new wastewater treatment facilities.

As for waste management, Nornickel fights pollution by minimizing the environmental impact of the waste it generates. Norilsk Nickel is searching for new methods of recycling and possible ways of using product waste for:

  • dumps construction and strengthening
  • railroad groundwork
  • road filling

and other purposes and it has already resulted in the fact that about 50% of waste is reused.

Norilsk Nickel also works in cooperation with national parks in order to preserve biodiversity in the regions of its operations. It provides financial support and diverse projects devoted to biodiversity conservation. For example, Nornickel has contributed to:

  • geese rescuing
  • polar bear habitat observation
  • preserve of aquatic biodiversity

Moreover, Nornickel keeps combating pollution globally as well and it pays special attention to the issues connected with climate change. It sets long-term priorities and continuously upgrades its facilities in order to contribute to the reduction of emissions. Norilsk Nickel actively participates in the discussions devoted to greenhouse gas emissions and it does not only keep records of such emissions but also voluntarily provides information about them.

Also, as Norilsk Nickel sets environmental protection as one of its main goals it has developed a special system that boosts environmental safety and contributes to the overall company’s performance. It is called an environmental management system and it basically serves for:

  • improvement of environmental awareness among employees
  • demonstration of  Nornickel’s compliance with global environmental standards
  • opening of new opportunities on the global market
  • attracting more investors

Norilsk Nickel fights pollution as it understands that environmental protection is a global goal nowadays. It has a long-term strategy and continues implementing more and more projects devoted to nature preservation.

Why it is Important to Combat Pollution. Main Nornickel’s Environmental Projects and their Goals

Although it is widely known that the world suffers from diverse ecological issues nowadays only a small amount of corporations take care of environmental protection. The majority of them just desire to get profit and continue polluting the atmosphere.

Luckily, there are some industrial giants that join their forces in order to save the planet. Norilsk Nickel is a good example as it takes measures locally and globally. Nornickel does not only contribute to the decrease of Norilsk pollution level and reduction of emissions in the Arctic region in general but also takes part in international projects in order to prevent the spread of contamination globally.

For instance, it has signed a contract with BASF recently and these both industrial giants will cooperate in order to minimize carbon footprint by locating the recycling and production processes in one spot.

Another project Norilsk Nickel has been working on for a long time is the Sulphur project the aim of which is to decrease the level of SO2 emissions in the region. The first phase of it has already been implemented and resulted in the reduction of emissions by 30% in Norilsk and by 15% in the Polar Division in general. It is estimated that the project will cost about $3.5BN but Nornickel is ready to cover all the expenses.

Moreover, Nornickel keeps fighting pollution in the region by providing financial assistance to unique projects. Recently, it has organized the great Norilsk expedition in cooperation with the scientists from 14 RAS institutes. The draft is divided into two stages and the first one that was carried out on the field has already been finished. It helped to examine the Taimyr Peninsula thoroughly and collect more than 1500 samples of water, sediment, and plants. The second stage is going to be held in laboratories where the scientists will examine all the materials and provide a huge report that will contribute to the sustainable development of the region and help the industrial giants to take measures that will lead to environmental preservation of this unique place.

All in all, Norilsk Nickel successfully combats pollution on all the levels. It implements different environmental drafts and provides support and financial assistance to those involved in the projects devoted to nature preservation.

This industrial giant understands the importance of environmental protection as the world is experiencing lots of ecological issues regularly.

The project in cooperation with BASF, the great Norilsk expedition, the Sulphur project as well as all the measures taken by Norilsk Nickel show that it takes nature preservation seriously.

The steps taken by Nornickel have already sufficiently contributed to the decrease of the Norilsk pollution level and more and more international organizations mention Norilsk Nickel’s involvement in the solving of ecological issues.