When love is gone, there’s always justice. And when justice is gone, there’s always force. And when force is gone, there’s always Mom. Hi, Mom!” – Laurie Anderson, this is how you define a mother. Her tender touch makes it easier for you to face the world; you can swear on anything and lie but not Mom who means the world to you. The child-mother bond is inexpressible in words; it can neither be defined nor be destroyed by any lethal force, because this bond exists by birth.

The challenges she had to undergo during her first and her last trimester are undeniable. She went through pain and never uttered a word when you had come out of her womb; nine months of bearing a child in womb rewards her with a bond that is connected to her soul. Ask her to define motherhood and she will smile at you saying it’s the biggest ever thing that had happened to her.

Understanding Your Mother

mother child bondThe child-mother bond is conceived from the time she realizes your presence in her womb as she starts using her intuitive skills to perceive you from the very depth of her heart. Execution of her nursing skills was never restricted till the time you were embraced by her womb; it extends for the entire life. After all God has made a mother to feel and care for her child. Her responsibilities are innumerable and you know she won’t budge an inch when it came to providing the comfort and warmth her child requires. It is all about a spiritual connection that rules the heart of a mother and her child. No matter, which caste, nation and tradition she might belong to; it is a universal truth that mothers can’t see their children in pain.

The relationship existing between a mother and the child is tenderly strong. Nothing can detach her from motherly instincts.

Mother’s day- a small way to show love

Mother’s day is nearing and you want her to feel special like never before; although she is the most special lady in your life. This day is dedicated to every mother in the world to boost their feelings of motherhood. So what have you planned for your Mom this year? From a box of chocolates to a heart shaped diamond pendant you can gift her from an assorted range of items.

Mothers day gifts are special and they should be picked with love. From an elegant pearl watch to an everlasting perfume, you can give her the very best. Anything gifted with love is precious and you must be aware of the fact that you are the most precious gift to her. So, let this mother’s day be very special for her and you.

This is a guest article from Suzy Willium who loves to explore the different facets of relationship and with Mother’s day approaching, she takes the chance of exploring the relationship that a mother and her child shares.