There are few things more exciting or life-changing than the birth of a new baby. Parents are likely filled with several emotions and making adjustments at home to accommodate their growing family. Even if you can’t be there to celebrate the arrival of a bundle of joy with your friends of loved ones, there are plenty of gifts you can send their way to let them know you’re thinking of them. Here are a few gifts you can send virtually to join in on the celebration of a new little boy or girl’s arrival.

Portable Changing Station

Even though many families are using extra caution when going into public space these days or choosing to stay home most of the time, you can give new parents peace of mind with a portable changing station. The station includes a changing pad so the baby won’t come in contact with unsanitary surfaces and a wipe dispenser. You can easily strap these items to a stroller or place them in a backpack or bag so it’s easy to take the changing station in any room without having to carry an entire diaper bag. New parents can even use it at home to make diaper changing easier.

Books and Podcasts

First-time parents likely have lots of questions and concerns about caring for their little ones. You can gift your friends or loved ones with a subscription to streaming services that offer eBooks or podcasts that address their parenting inquiries. Whether your friends want to know how to keep their child from developing certain illnesses, have questions about what to feed the baby, or want to know how to how to maintain mental, physical, and financial stability during the various phases of parenting, a subscription to podcasts and books can be a thoughtful and considerate gift.

Photography Packages

Most new parents will want to take as many pictures of their babies as possible. While the family may take several candid photos at home, newborn photos are seen as an important milestone by many parents. You can gift your loved ones or friends with a virtual gift certificate for professional photos. Research newborn photographers in the city where your friends live to ensure you’re giving a quality gift. For instance, if the baby will take photos in the Houston area, search for newborn photography in Houston, Texas. It’s also a good idea to choose a photographer whose style matches the preferences of the gift recipients.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are usually always a welcomed gift for new parents. Choose a baby carrier that is lightweight and easy to assemble, and make sure the carrier is known for being safe and high-quality. You should also choose a baby carrier that allows parents to carry their child safely for months — some baby carriers can hold children who are up to 45 pounds. This means the carrier can be adjusted to carry older infants and toddlers. If you’re sending the gift virtually, you can give an e-gift certificate for the baby carrier or have the product delivered to their door.

Food Delivery Service

Having a baby in the house means that parents will have limited time to tend to household chores like making dinner. You can show that you care by buying a subscription to a meal delivery service. Some services allow parents to order from their favorite local restaurants. Other services deliver a box filled with healthy ingredients so parents can prepare nutrient-rich meals at home. This gift helps to eliminate the stress of figuring out what’s for dinner and gives moms and dads more time to cuddle with their newborns or get some much-needed rest.

Customized Birth Announcement

The birth announcement is a document or virtual file that parents will keep for the rest of their lives since it contains important information like the baby’s full name, weight, and place of birth. You can help your loved ones or friends design a baby announcement that will be sent to relatives. Or, you can have the announcement professionally framed and delivered to the new parents. If you know the colors of the baby’s nursery, add these hues to the frame to further personalize the gift. This keepsake is a heartfelt gift that parents can cherish for years to come.