The wedding is definitely a very special occasion that needs to be as perfect as possible and where the bride wants to look and feel the best she has ever felt. Every year, the leading designers, makeup artists and beauty experts come up with new trends for brides that will ensure they are following all the latest trends while being the most beautiful they have ever been. Following are some of the most popular beauty bridal trends for this year.

Gentle and elegant hair accessories
Hair accessories are one of those things that you either love or hate on a bride. This year, the elegant while still very noticeable hair accessories are all the rage for brides. We are talking headbands with sparkling elements which are elegant but also sexy and impossible to miss.

Bright lips
You may think of bright lips as something that is too aggressive for the wedding day, something that might go better with a night out, but you would be wrong. Bright and poignant lips are one of the most noticeable trends in bridal beauty circles. They are sexy, they are special, they are for brides.

Non-standard eye shadows
This season, the eyes need to stand out and there is no doubt about that. It does not matter what tan you are, how big or what color your eyes are. On your wedding day, your eyes need to stand out. They need to attract looks and one of the best ways to do this is with eye shadows that are popping and that are non-standard. For example, go with cerulean eye shadow and you are bound to make an impression.

Bridal makeovers
If you really want to look your best, you can always let the leading professionals do a bridal makeover for you, whether it is surgical or non-surgical and ensure that you look your best. The important thing is that you not skimp here and that you go for the best the money can afford. It is your wedding day, after all.

Play with braids
Braids have been an option for the bridal hair styles since forever and they are really coming into their own this season. Everywhere you look there are braids on brides, either playful and romantic or strict and very centered and formalized. Braids look great on hair of all colors.

Think – ballerina
The ballerina look is also a huge thing these days. It works for the hair, with a very strict, pulled back hair that may look somewhat intimidating but that is as elegant as hairdos can get. It also works for the makeup, with a muted-down look that is graceful, rosy and also romantic. This look works amazing with silver jewelry.

Go ethereal
There is nothing like a fragile, nymph like bride walking down the aisle, like a vision of a woman, so enticing and yet almost unapproachable. This works perfectly for women with pale complexions and blonde hair, but it does not have to be a requirement.