Every person has a personality. We tend to remark at times, “he has a superb personality; she has a pleasing personality; I don’t like his personality at all; what a personality he is! and so on.” Well, each individual wears a personality and one is different from another. (I assume you too think like this.) Anyway, if we go by this, then how we can make our personality acceptable and pleasing to others.

What is Personality?

Personality is the combination of qualities or characteristics of a person that make him or her distinctive. As we find in Wikipedia, a personality features an individual’s personal emotions, attitudes and overall behavior. So, if a person changes or improves any of the features, he or she can change the personality too. That’s why we always talk about personalities of different people and sometimes, become fan of them.

How to make your personality distinctive from others?

The definition of personality falls under psychology and we all know that psychology is the only science which has no definition. So, no hard and fast rules can make or create a personality. A person is born with a personality and he just modifies it in the course of his life. Anyway, have a look at a few common traits which I believe can contribute in making a good personality.

Avoid copying Others

We need to know that we must stop following big personalities of the celebrated people. However big personality a person adorns, you should never imitate him/her. Make your own. You should respect others’ but do not try to be like them. You cannot, in fact. Instead, focus on your good traits and enhance them. Simple aping others or talking or behaving like others will neither make you like them nor you’d remain yourself. You’d be just in the question, “what’s your actual personality?”. So, just be yourself and work on it.

Better your Behavior

We’re at times told, ‘Behave yourself’. It means- the way I am behaving is not liked by others. Point to be noted here. Have a close analysis of your own behavior. If you are in teens, your friends should like you and should befriend you more and more. If not, there is a flaw in your behavior. Either you are too shy or unfriendly or too rude with others. If you realize it, change it. The best friends ever on earth are your parents. Ask them if you are too ungentle or impolite with them or with others. If so, they will correct you positively. Better your manners and you’ll please others. The difference will soon show up.

Open up your Attitude

This is one of the key factors in one’s personality. Unlike behavior which is the outer expression of a personality, attitude is the inner thing. It’s the way we think about us and about others. Unless we have enough room for others in our thinking, we will never like other people around, and this is noticeable. People can easily decipher your attitude. If your attitude is snooty and conceited, you’ll lose friends in this society. Your attitude should be broad, respectful and ready-to-take-criticism. But if not, you will remain in your own world thinking why others do not accept you. Change your attitude and try to mingle with people as much as you can keeping your true attitude in tact.

Always wear a Smile

This is one of the strongest tools in one’s good personality. Your smiles speak a lot. It’s a part of your behavioral expression. Talk to others wearing a smile. This will do wonders, even when you deny or turn down something which a person expect from you. A negative reply with a smile is far more effective than a positive answer without any smile. Smiles help us communicate better. It works like lubricant in a conversation, be it over phone or viz-a-viz. So smile and hone up your personality.

Do have a Helping Nature

This is the ultimate thing of a personality which others, by all means, love. Yes, if you have a nature to help others in need, you will for sure be liked by millions. You have a wonderful personality and people will follow you. Try to help others as much as you can. This does not at all mean monetary assistance always. Any sort of assistance which you can extend toward your friends or even foes, will boost your personality ranking amongst others. You have a good behavior, a good attitude, an appealing smile. These are all good traits of a pleasant personality. But, if you have a helping nature, this will just top the chart of your characteristics. Extend help to your peers, your parents, relatives, mates, an aged person crossing a street, a pregnant woman and so. Just try to help in whatsoever manner you can. You will have a divine personality and all will talk about it. Moreover, if you lack the other traits, such as smiles, behavior or so, this only one characteristic of helping nature can outplay every other traits. People like it; people need it. So, try to add this to your tally. And remember, all must be done with a good heart and nothing is to show off here.

By personality, we actually mean or expect a pleasing character. Once again remember, we are different individuals in this society and each individual has his/her own personality. One can lack in some traits but can be good at others. Try to better the good ones and try to achieve the one which you don’t have. That will do. Bring out a lovely personality. Work on it when you are in your teens or in your youth. Chin up and make your presence felt everywhere.

Over to you

How do you adorn your personality? What tips you have for others to enhance theirs? Do share your thoughts or any personality development tips via the comment box below. Your contribution will just intensify the discussion.