Everyone has a desire to decorate their homes in the best possible way, some people go for the antique chandeliers to add classical appearance to their drawing room or lounge areas while others prefer flowers and natural plants for a fresh green look. Well, it entirely depends upon your choice of how you want to make yourself and your guest feel at your place. However, the decoration of your lounge or drawing room is not enough, you need to give some extra touches to your bedrooms as well, the place where you spend most of the time that gives you peace and comfort when you do not want to be surrounded by thoughts or worries. You can do so many creative things to give your room a bit different look but do not forget to opt for such products that are reliable as well as beautiful. If you have large windows in your rooms and you want to filter some light or simply want a blackout then you can go for the blackout curtains as they are not only stylish but very well serves the purpose. These blackout curtains have so many advantages as they keep us warm during winters and cooler during summers, these blackout curtains are available in so many colors like blue, black and white, etc along with some floral designs to give your room a unique and different look. If you have bought a new house or re-decorating your old one then this article is a must-read as we are going to share every single detail related to the blackout curtains and pros that will help you to decide and choose the best curtains for your room.


Many people do not know much about the blackout curtains, according to them, these are the curtains that are black and only responsible for limiting the amount of light entering into the room. But they do now know that they serve various benefits as well like, reducing the noise when you are extremely tired and do not want to hear the music and songs being played in the neighborhood. These curtains can be purchased from any reputed store or brand that is good at providing the best of these curtains or you can also book your order online in case your selected company is an international one.


The mechanism by which these curtains block the light up to 99% as claimed by so many reputed brands is a mystery for so many people as they do not know how these curtains are capable of doing this. They are made up of special fabric known as foam-backed or opaque fabric that helps to reduce the amount of light coming from the windows and keep your room dark and shaded even in the broad daylight. They contain several layers of such opaque or woven fabric that do not allow the light to enter and you can take rest and sleep peacefully in the daytime if you have worked for the whole night.


Talking about the perks of having blackout curtains at your home are so many, you can use these curtains for so many purposes like for the blocking of natural light, reducing energy, reducing noise, and to give your room and house a whole new look. Let’s discuss them one by one.


People who do not know much about the blackout curtains and how they work must be thinking how a curtain can help reduce noise but it is found to be true. These curtains can be used in lessening the noise if you place these curtains on both sides of your windows of the bedroom or a lounge. According to some renowned brands, their blackout curtains can reduce the noise up to 40% that means now you are capable of doing your work even in the daylight without any hindrance. 


For those who do not know, these types of curtains help a lot in saving your billing cost and energy. Yes, you have learned it right, by using these curtains in your home you can have the best chance to save your energy, as per the claim of some brands these curtains can help to decrease the thermal loss up to 25%, so you can save a decent amount for your heating or cooling machines and will reduce your utility bills.


These types of curtains were first used in the Second World War, where people used these curtains to protect themselves from enemies who used to attack the houses reflecting light. But now these curtains are used for your peace and comfort in the day time. One of the main and most important advantages of these curtains is that it helps in controlling and blocking the light from entering into home during the day time. These curtains are very beneficial for those who have night shifts and do not get enough time to sleep in the night time. Because of the multi-layered woven fabrics, these curtains help to block the light and creates a dark ambiance favorable for sleeping, so the people who are not getting sleep in the night time due to their work schedule can now sleep peacefully during the day.


Since you are not looking for updating your curtain every next month, having a quality product in this scenario will be favorable. These types of curtains are best to use in winters as they keep the room warmer because of the fabric and secondly, they reduce your utility bills for the heater. These curtains are a bit expensive because of such amazing benefits but they are extremely durable and will last long for several years and their colors will not fade away like the other curtains that lose their color and newness due to excessive heat and sunlight.


The cost of these curtains depends upon their size, length, color, and designs as well. If you are approaching the custom-made curtains and blinds then visit company website, the price will be different, there are a few brands that do not charge extra for the custom-made designs as they care for their customers. They are easily available at different retail stores or you can also book these curtains online.


There was a time when these curtains were available in only black and white colors with simple or plain designs. But now the time has been changed, you can have these curtains in so many colors like neutral colors that go with any of your walls with floral designs to give a pleasant look to your room. You can also style your curtains in various ways like pencil pleat, eyelets, and so on. Talking about the colors and designs, it is better to go with the neutral color schemes as you can use these curtains with any wall of your home regardless.


Selecting the best and suitable curtains for your home or bedroom is not an easy thing, you need to consider several things including their colors, designs, style, fabrics, and of course the size of your windows where you want to use them. If you are a person who works at night and only gets the time to sleep during the day time, then blackout curtains are best for you. So make your winters warmer and cozier by using blackout curtains for your room and enjoy your day in the warm bed while watching a movie or reading a novel.