When entertaining friends at a dinner party, you plan the food and the entertainment so that everyone has a nice time. When you consider your menu, it is wise to select a few delicious drinks that will make the evening even better. Here are four ideas that are sure to please your guests.

Manhattan Cocktail

A Manhattan cocktail is one of the most simple and tasty drinks to make, especially when you are busy tending to the many details associated with a dinner party. The basic recipe includes whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. For a sweeter flavor, consider adding chocolate bitters. Be sure to choose the type of bitters that work best for your purposes. It is advised to have your mixture ready to go and in your freezer so that you can start pouring when your guests arrive. This kind of drink will transport your guests to the Big Apple instantly, allowing them the pleasure of exploring every avenue themselves.

Rum Spirits

Rum spirits are usually sweet and bring a light feeling to dinner party. If you want a refreshing drink for your gathering that incorporates rum spirits, try serving a Caribbean rum punch. The basic recipe includes sugar, rum, citrus juice, water, and spices. For a sweet and tropical feeling, consider blending a coconut rum with pineapple and grenadine. Some companies, like Real McCoy Spirits, know that the drink can be placed in a large punch bowl or in individual glasses for your guests. This is a great drink for parties, it will allow everyone to get loose and socially lubricated in no time flat.

Brandy Crusta

If you are serving a rich dessert at your party, an excellent accompaniment is a Brandy Crusta. Although the drink delivers a sour punch, it is a decadent spirit that will please your guests’ taste buds. This drink is a combination of brandy, orange curacao, and lemon juice. The best part will be the presentation. Make sure to dip the rims of your glasses in sugar. It offsets the sour kick and looks beautiful on your serving tray. This sweet drink is the perfect addition to dessert at any dinner party, it will soon be a hit at yours.


A Bellini is an Italian cocktail that is wonderful to begin a casual dinner party. Since it includes only two ingredients, it is simple to create and provides a fresh taste before a meal. Mixed together, these 2 simple ingredients make for a powerful statement. It contains a peach liqueur and Prosecco. Guests will enjoy the fizzy nature of the drink, especially when you serve it in an elegant fluted glass. This simple drink will allow your guests to be comfortable and relaxed.

After you invite your friends over for a dinner party, you want to make sure that you have delicious drinks ready to serve. A cocktail sets the tone of your gathering and complements the dishes that you prepare. The above beverages are sure to please your guests. They are easy to create and have simple ingredients. Without much effort, everyone can indulge in great food, great company, and great drinks.