Movie weddings always look fantastic, but they look even more splendid if the setting is outdoors. Flower decorations are immaculate, table cloths are matched with centerpieces, all guests shine and glow and everything is waltdisneyish. We all like watching such movies, because it seems that we all can have such a wedding. However, reality is often much different and we end up having a wedding reception in the hall of a local retirement home. But it does not have to be that way. With just a little bit more of planning and mutual work of the future bride and groom, everything is achievable, even a well-organized, and great-looking outdoor wedding.

outdoor wedding

How many people?

The first thing you need to know when organizing any kind of wedding is knowing the precise number of guests. This pre-condition dictates all other aspects of a wedding – space, catering, drinks and, finally, money for all that. Or, better to say, the budget first dictates all other aspects, but the main thing is to determine how many people you want. The way you are going to decorate the wedding setting and the amount of money necessary for that also depends on the numbers of guests and tables they are going to occupy.

Colors of spring

When it comes to organizing an outdoor wedding, whenever it is being held, the most likeable option in terms of decoration is opting for spring colors. Colors such as light green and other shades of green, yellow, orange and white, all reminding of spring flowers and trees, look great in the photos and they should be used as much as possible. White color serves as a great background color and you should always opt for a white wedding marquee, so that it is also a great setting for the wedding photo session.

Children of flowers

Of course these flowers are an inevitable part of every wedding. They symbolize nature and fertility and blossom and many other cultural symbols are hidden in flowers. When the wedding reception is taking place outside, flowers should be even more present than usually. For instance, if you can choose the space, always go for a garden that has numerous flower beds as the setting for your wedding reception. Spring flowers will make your guests feel more relaxed and tranquilized.
If you are going to spend your first night in the facility in which the reception has taken place and the condition of over flowering was fulfilled, your children might be real flower children.
If there are real flower beds at the wedding reception location, you will spend less money on flower bouquets and table decorations.

Rustic details for outdoors

Wedding receptions held outdoors crave for rustic details. Wood is always a great choice for rustic ambiance. Also, you can install a wood wedding sign at the door that lead to the wedding reception garden.

Apart from that, wooden bottles can be used at wedding tables, too, at least for whiskey or some other type of liquor. You can find these bottles at very reasonable price, or even rent them.

With the help of your relatives and friends, decorations for an outdoor wedding can look the same as professionally made ones and amount to the overall greatness of your wedding day.