A sparkly smile is a significant part of our personality. It builds our confidence to talk to people. We all desire to have a straight, shiny and bright smile. But we often see people with twisted, overlapped or crooked teeth with puts a bad impression on another party. Having crooked teeth drops down our confidence when interacting with people. But the good thing is we can cure it and get that perfect smile we wish for. But before that, it is important to understand the causes of crooked teeth.

Causes of crooked teeth:

  • Thumb sucking- We often see some children who suck their thumb for several years. Sucking causes pressure on the upper gums which lifts the jaw causing crooked teeth. Also, a toddler using a pacifier can cause uneven teeth.
  • Genetics- This is one of the major cause of crooked teeth. One can get it from our parents or grandparents. You cannot avoid it even if you are following good oral hygiene.
  • Facial trauma- Some face injury like jaw or mouth injury can cause misaligned or uneven teeth. Also, sometimes any childhood face injury can cause our teeth shifting in another direction, causing overlapped or twisted teeth.

Problems due to crooked teeth:

  • Chewing difficulty- Due to crooked teeth, you can face difficulty in chewing food. Also, sometimes one can’t chew properly leading to digestion problems.
  • Difficulty in speaking- Some feel problem in speaking some words. They feel difficulty in pronouncing words.
  • Less confidence- Due to crooked teeth, people feel a lack of confidence while speaking. It is difficult to maintain and clean crooked teeth, so stained teeth look unpleasing.
  • Poor hygiene- It becomes difficult to clean twisted teeth as it is difficult for the toothbrush to reach some areas. So this builds a yellow layer or plaque which cause embarrassment.
  • Jaw strain- Crooked teeth can cause pain in jaws while talking. It can cause wear and tear in the inner area of mouth which causes extreme pain. It even sometimes clasp the movement of the jaw bone.

So it is good to go for treatment on the advice of your dentist. You can have crooked teeth treatment in Mumbai as there are numerous experts having years of experience and knowledge. Following are some of the treatment options for crooked teeth:

  • Dental Braces- It consists of brackets, bands and wires which all together apply pressure on the jaw. They are applied in that direction in which we want our teeth to be. Braces are of three types such as metal, ceramic and lingual braces. You can take advice from your orthodontists and know which one will work best for your depending upon your teeth condition.
  • Invisalign- These are kind of invisible braces in which the orthodontists creates several molds with the help of transparent trays, pressuring in the direction you want. It is less noticeable than dental braces that is why they are bit costlier.

Crooked teeth treatment cost in Mumbai can start from Rs.18000-Rs.190000, depending upon the treatment option you select. So consult the best orthodontists for best results.