We need to access the roof of the industrial building every now and then for multiple reasons, such as for repairing the air conditioner, maintaining the solar panels, or for regular cleaning and maintenance process of the roof. But getting access to the roofs can be hazardous sometimes, as it involves a high risk of fatal accidents due to steep falls. That is why we need special roof access equipment for ensuring workers’ safety.

roof access equipment

Roof Access Equipment

Although there are proper rules for ensuring the safety of the workers, every year several workers die and thousands of them get injured due to using unsafe equipment while working at great heights. Thus, it is highly advisable to always use equipment sourced only from reputed companies. Some of the specialized roof access equipment and fall-protection systems are:

  • Access Hatch
  • Modular Ladder Systems
  • Step Ladders, Stairs and Platforms
  • Walkway Systems
  • Work Platforms
  • Anchor Point Systems
  • Guardrail Systems
  • Static Line Systems
  • Personal Protection Equipment

One single equipment cannot provide you with all-round protection. You will need different systems for different reasons. Still, people make some common mistakes while purchasing and using roof access equipment. Let us discuss some of the common mistakes done by the workers while working on heights.

1.      Lack of proper skills  

You might have heard people complaining about the roof access systems being extremely dangerous. Let us tell you a big percentage of total deaths all around the world take place because of wrong handling or the low quality of the equipment. This alarming number implies that no matter where you are buying the equipment from, it is crucial that you are professionally trained to use those correctly. It is needless to stress upon the self-protection measure and the need to be careful to avoid the potential risk of accidents.

2.      Faulty selection of equipment  

Choosing the right equipment from a good company is crucial. It helps in reducing the chances of fall exponentially. The reason behind most of these accidents is the wrong selection of equipment. Studies have showed that several accidents happened because workers were working on fragile roof conditions. Even a very brief exposure to such conditions can cause fatal accidents, causing deaths of hundreds. People even died while inspecting the condition of roofs, whether it needed repair or not. Every equipment serves different purpose. You also need to know which tool is to be used where. One needs to understand that working on heights involves significant life risk. Hence, choosing correct roof access equipment for designated specialized work is essential.

 3.      Not paying heed to the weather conditions  

Weather conditions are another crucial factor for people working on heights. Miserable weather conditions can prove to be fatal for people working at high altitudes. There are strict rules and regulations present globally to secure the safety of the construction workers. It is strictly prohibited to make people work on heights and use any of the access equipment during certain weather conditions. For example, working in heavy monsoon can be very risky because the surfaces remain wet and slippery during that time, which potentially increases the risk of losing grip and falling. Another such instance can be during heavy storms. Workers should refrain from working during heavy winds, as it can make them lose their balance and fall from the heights.

roof access equipment

Roof Access Equipment

Final Takeaway

You must have understood the very importance of using right roof access equipment after all the above discussion. We may sound repetitive, but it is the question of someone’s life and death. So, carefully choosing your equipment is highly essential. There are many different types of equipment you will get in the market—research well before making the purchase and do not compromise with the quality.