Do you listen to music ? I do. In fact, everyone does. It leaves a magical effect on everyone, from an infant to an old one – we all love music. When a baby cries and music touches its ears, it stops crying and begins to smile and get charmed immediately. Ever noticed such? You must have. Whenever you feel indisposed and your chin is down, music miraculously turns on your mood. You feel enervated? Music just instantly makes you cool and energized. Music has a charm to relieve you from all your worries and pain. It really happens. Try it out, if haven’t yet.

impact of musicYou won’t believe how overwhelming music is. It has an affect on every creature of the earth. Even the trees and plants get influenced by music. They get cheered up and bloom more than ever before with the effect of music. If you have a domestic pet in your home, it would certainly respond to music in a positive way. If it remains dull and sulky play a musical note to it. Your pet will start showing improvement in its health to much of your surprise. Sound heals everyone. Make it a habit of playing music at home or singing, for both you and your loved ones. It can be anything from mild songs, to guitar notes, anything in rhythm has a positive effect on our body and soul. It does wonders. Music to beat stress, music to beat boredom and music for every illness. Music is a remedy for all.

Indian history has its say too. You must have known that the great TanSen once, while singing the Deepak Raag had lighted the lamps in the king Akbar‘s court. Everyone in the court was just astonished at this following a pin- drop silence for a few minutes.However, with his powerful raag performance, the entire court was on fire and everyone felt the unbearable warmth. At this, Tansen’s daughter was called in and she sang the Megha Malhar Raag. Soon it started raining and the warmth eased out and so did the fire. All present in the court were just wowed. They stood up, applauded and praised Tansen and her daughter for their illusive and soothing performance. Tansen was rewarded by the king for that stupendous performance. Such is the force and impact of music. Time and again it proves worthwhile.

In today’s fast pace of life, we can hardly spare time for recreation. Our life style and workload don’t permit us to spare for it. Music could be the best alternative which relaxes, relieves and at the same time beats the stress hormones evoked due to the constant work you are accustomed to.

Everyone is fond of music. In fact the nature has been a great music lover of all-time. When you sing benignly, you feel yourself at the top of the world as your soul made rhythms reach your Almighty and pleases him. So, be a devotee of music; you will remain in peace and harmony forever. It’s a joy of heart and a secret of every joy.

So, how much do you agree to the topic? How do you take music in your life? I would definitely like to be commented on it. Just a thought provoked on my mind and judging it true, I wrote down this article (I’m an avid music lover and it acts as a stress-buster for me all the time). So, I’ll await your valuable comments as how you feel to it. Take care and keep enjoying music.