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Holidays, birthdays and other celebrations call for spoiling your children with a few gifts. Choosing a gift that your children will play with for a long time can be tricky as it can be difficult to predict just what will capture a child’s attention. Start brainstorming now with these gift ideas that are sure to become fast favorites.

1. Science fun

Engage the natural curiosity of your child with some science. There are many science kits available for a variety of ages that will provide your child with hours of fun. To make the gift personal, try to find a kit that fits your child’s particular interests. For example, animal and insect lovers might enjoy a butterfly hatching kit, while your child who likes to gaze at the stars might enjoy an astronomy kit.

2. Metal detector

Thrill your adventure-seeking child with a real-life treasure hunt. A metal detector is a fun tool that will allow your child to have a fun adventure no matter where your family travels. While it may seem like a strange gift to give a child, metal detectors are gaining popularity among children. A metal detector can capture your child’s attention for hours as they learn to listen for the different sounds that indicate metal in the ground. Include a small shovel and a brush to help your child dig up their treasures. You just might be inspiring a future archaeologist.

3. Hobby needs and accessories

Childhood is the perfect time to help your child explore and discover their different talents through sports and hobbies. Sports and hobby needs and accessories make for a fun gift that your child will use regularly. To find the perfect hobby gift, think about the hobbies and sports your child loves. Try to purchase an item related to their hobby or sport that they have been wanting but has been too expensive for an everyday purchase. For example, if your child is a goalie in soccer, you may consider getting them a pricier pair of goalie gloves for a gift. Adventurous children who love to ride their dirt bikes would be thrilled to receive dirt bike accessories. Other ideas include fun leotards for ballerinas, a new video or computer game for gamers or a backyard batting cage for baseball enthusiasts.

4. Art supplies

As a parent who has oohed and aahed over countless art projects and coloring pages, you know how much children love to create art. Freshen up their art box with some fun new additions that will be sure to have them creating for hours. You may consider buying ingredients for making slime, washable paint pots and brushes, glittered and regular playdough, fun stamps and a variety of crayons and markers. An easel with a large pad of paper is a great way for your child to work on their creations while keeping their supplies organized.

5. Building blocks

Help your budding architect discover the joys of creating with building blocks. Hundreds of different types of blocks will engage your child, help him or her develop fine motor skills, increase their attention span and encourage them to be creative in a safe space. Younger children may benefit from large, colorful blocks made from sturdy wood. As your child grows, building sets with smaller blocks that click into place to make models will enthrall them for hours.

6. Cooking supplies

Give your child the gift of you and an experience in the kitchen that will last him or her a lifetime. Children naturally love to help their parents in the kitchen. Not only will you be spending time together, but teaching children to cook has a host of benefits. Teaching a child to cook can encourage them to try new foods, help them be more self-confident and encourage them to learn basic math and science skills. Make a fun basket with kid-safe knives, some child-friendly cookbooks, aprons, measuring cups and spoons and a chef’s hat for fun. Give your child a gift certificate for a cooking class for the two of you to take together or carve out some weekly time to teach your child the basics of cooking.


Don’t fall for grabbing the toy of the season if you aren’t sure if your child will love it. Spend your money on a gift idea that will engage your child’s mind and natural talents and watch them enjoy it for a long time.

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