When someone you love gives birth to a new bundle of joy, no one wants to turn to meet the new arrival without a gift in hand.  So often your mind jumps to buying something pretty for the new baby, but often it is the new mum who has done all the hard work and is most deserving of something special. But what should you buy for the new mum who has everything?

Here are some perfect gift ideas for busy new mums:

A Pretty Nursing Scarf

Getting to grips with nursing a new born is a tricky task, but a pretty nursing scarf will make it seem so much easier! The right nursing scarf will give a new mum privacy when nursing outside the home, but without having to compromise on style. Look for one that is machine washable, and that compliments her existing style: bonus points if you can find one in her favourite colour!

A Nostalgic Figurine

Many new mothers use the arrival of their new bundle of joy as an opportunity to reflect on their own happy childhood memories. What better way to ignite this nostalgia than with a very grown up figurine designed to remind of happy childhood days? If your mum-to-be was a childhood Disney fan then we love The World of Miss Mindy Disney collection, which features stunning contemporary renderings of beloved childhood characters.

Soft Cotton Pyjamas

It might not seem like the most extravagant gift, but most new mums will spend the first weeks (and months) of their infant’s life wearing pyjamas, no matter what the time of night or day. Why not inject a little luxury into this pyjama time with a pair of super soft cotton pyjamas, perfect for cosying up in? Pyjamas are the perfect gift because they promote self-care, and send the clear message that it’s OK not to get dressed (or showered) every day during those early hazy new born days.

Gourmet Food Delivery

Whether your loved one has a sweet tooth and a passion for cupcakes or is a carb addict who craves pizza, show them that you’re thinking about them when it really matters by sending a gourmet food delivery. The options here are almost endless. Most local bakeries will be happy to delivery luxury cakes and desserts, whilst food delivery services such as Gousto will deliver all the ingredients for a fresh hot meal straight to their front door. Alternatively, you could simple order a pizza, and ensure it arrives hot at around dinner time: a simple gift guaranteed to raise a smile!

Luxury Hand Cream

Finally, did you know that the average newborn will need an incredible 12 nappy changes a day? 12 nappy changes means twelve visits to the bathroom to wash your hands, which is sure to leave them feeling dry and cracked. That’s why a luxury hand cream is such a great gift for a new mum: choose something rich, beautifully scented and decadent. This will help make the chore of nappy changing feel like a treat!