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Before your child is old enough to start kindergarten, you want to think about enrolling the child in a quality preschool. Attending preschool is essential for some children who might not have siblings at home or other children in the family to associate with as the program can help with everything from socialization to sharing. When you begin looking at schools, you need to find one where you can communicate with the teachers and where you feel comfortable with the curriculum taught.


It’s true. Children will grow before you know it, so one of the ways to ensure that your child grows in the best way possible is to enroll the child in a preschool. The size of the school doesn’t matter as much as what’s taught. You want the child to be in an environment where there is growth through the year until the child starts kindergarten. It could be growing in the way of learning to be around other children, or it could be growing developmentally and educationally as most schools will teach basics that include letters and colors.

Social Development

One of the things that a preschool will promote is social interaction. There will likely be quite a few children in each class with the classes being arranged by age. The child will be able to learn the proper methods of communicating with other children and teachers. It’s a way for the child to build a relationship with an adult other than the parents, learning to trust that others also have the child’s best interests at heart.

School is typically where students create friendships that could last for years. This time period is crucial to their social adjustment and their sense of connection to a wider community. The way that a teacher promotes and regulates social interaction shows students acceptable ways to treat other classmates. The tone a teacher sets can carry over to the rest of the child’s interactions.


There is a structured environment to preschools, such as with the Miniapple International Montessori School. The school offers certain times for playing, eating and learning. This will give the child an idea as to what to expect when kindergarten begins. There usually aren’t as many rules in a preschool, but the overall scheduling will get children to learn when it’s time to play and when it’s time to listen to the teachers. A clear, defined structure will help children to learn the types of schedules they will encounter in the rest of their lives.

Personal Care

While at preschool, children will learn how to provide basic care. They will learn more about a bathroom routine as well as what to do when there is an issue with another child in the class. They can also learn about working together and being responsible as most classes offer small jobs for the children, such as putting away books or putting toys away.

Whether the preschool that you choose is large or small, the basics are the same. Children will learn everything from sharing to communicating. Schools will also help to provide security and stability for your child as a set schedule and caring teachers are provided.