Intimacy with your spouse is one of the foundational building blocks to a healthy marriage. Though there are certainly other aspects that contribute to a thriving relationship, the gift of intimacy is a unique kind of glue that helps bond you and your spouse together, body and soul. When that intimacy is interrupted, then, it can be embarrassing, frustrating, and exhausting for both husband and wife. To help you regain what is seemingly lost, then, here are three issues that can be affecting your intimacy and what to do about them.

Emotional Issues

When it comes to marriage, both husband and wife bring into the commitment all kinds of emotional baggage. Some of this baggage is known about, while some of the baggage is a result of scars that an individual may not realize they have. In any event, this emotional baggage can have a negative effect on physical intimacy. Whether it’s fear of intimacy caused by past abuse or fear of commitment caused by a past toxic relationship, these issues must be worked through to allow intimacy to flourish. Given the all-encompassing nature of emotional baggage, the best way to solve these issues is to seek professional couple’s counseling. A trained counselor can help both individuals realize the emotional baggage they’re carrying and allow them to overcome it in a healthy way.

Physical Issues

Sometimes, issues with intimacy come down to an individual’s physical inability. The bad news is that these issues can be the most embarrassing simply because they’re the most obvious. The good news is, though, that these issues are often the easiest to treat because they’re the most obvious. The most important thing to remember when it comes to physical issues is not to be ashamed that you have them. Many people struggle with these issues, so you’re not “weird” or “broken” because of how your body is made. Treatments including ED management are readily available and can help you regain the intimacy that you thought couldn’t be restored.

Relational Issues

Another issue that can interrupt intimacy is problems within your relationship. To help avoid these issues, honesty and solid communication are critical. If you do notice problems, though, it’s crucial that you work with your spouse to find a resolution. Ask your spouse what they perceive to be the cause of the problem and if there’s anything you can do to help. Though their assessment may put you on the defensive, it’s vital to seriously consider what they’re telling you to determine how you can act on it to help restore your relationship. If you fear you’re not able to work through these issues on your own, it may be worth it to consult with a couple’s counselor.

With any issue that could harm intimacy, the best way to address and resolve the issue is to remain in-tune with your spouse at all times. Through healthy communication and observation, you can create a safe environment in which your spouse can feel free to share their struggles with you. With this solid foundation, you will set yourself up for a lifetime of musical respect and deep intimacy.