Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty is a famous plastic surgery procedure that pertains to the surgery of the area near the eyes of a person. It is generally associated with removing the excess skin that covers the upper eyelids as well as removing the bagginess of the lower lids of the eyes. The overall effect one gets after getting an eyelid surgery will be a more youthful face with slightly bigger-looking eyes. It will also give your eyes a proper shape by adjusting the upper as well as the lower eyelids and stopping them from getting in the way. This surgery could be done for both cosmetic purposes as well as for functional purposes.


How is eyelid surgery performed?

Before performing the eyelid surgery, the doctors use either general or local anesthesia along with sedation, depending on the requirements of that particular situation. This is decided depending on the fact whether you are getting an eyelid surgery only for the upper or lower eyelid or for both the eyelids at once.

If you are getting an Upper Eyelid Surgery done, then after the anesthesia procedure is done, the doctor proceeds to make an incision along with the crease of the upper eyelid. This is done to remove the presence of any excess fat that exists on the upper lids of the eyes. This helps in fixing the problem where a person looks depressive or tired almost all the time just because of the extra fat present on their upper eyelids.

Similarly, an incision on the lower eyelid is made during the process of getting lower eyelid surgery which is used to remove the extra amount of fat present on the lower eyelids which make the eyes appear “saggy” or loose, thus, making the person look less attractive.


What are the benefits of getting eyelid surgery?

There are various benefits of getting an eyelid surgery which is the reason why it is gaining extreme popularity in today’s world. Getting an Eyelid Surgery has the following advantages:

  • Eyelid surgery can effectively help in getting rid of saggy bags under the eyes as well as fat deposits on the top of the eye that can make a person look unattractive.
  • It can help in improving vision for those people who have an excess amount of fatty deposits that end up getting in the way of proper vision.
  • It can help in making the person look a lot more attractive with fuller and properly-shaped eyes. It will not change the way a person looks, but it can make them look youthful and better.
  • It can remove the puffiness from the eyes, rejuvenating the entire area.
  • It can help get rid of the wrinkles produced as a result of saggy eyes.
  • It gives a natural look to the person’s eyes. Even after the surgery, the person’s eyes will not look as if they have been worked upon.
  • Eyelid surgery is quite affordable as it has a reasonable price.
  • The results of eyelid surgery are long-lasting and the recovery period is quite short.


Who is eligible for getting an eyelid surgery?

A healthy person with good healing capabilities is suitable for getting Eyelid Surgery. If a person is not healthy enough or they have any disease that can hinder or slow the healing procedure, the eyelid surgery could have serious side effects. It is also better to be a non-smoker person with realistic expectations. The recommended age would be 35 years and older, however, there is no restriction for the same.

Get an eyelid surgery and look your best!

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