Adobe rolled out Portable Document Format in 2007 for college students, and it became an instant hit. The reason behind this success was the issue resolution by Adobe. Adobe keenly researched the issues related to file transfers and accessibility and actively resolved those issues.

Today, universities and major offices globally cannot imagine a day without bulk PDF transactions. Also, most of the materials available online are also in PDF format for wider reach. In this article, let’s look at the major reasons why PDF is popular among professionals.

OS-independent format

One of the major issues with file transfers before 2007 was the OS complexity involved in content accessibility. A document drafted on Windows could not be accessed on the Apple ecosystem.

This created logistical difficulties because professionals had to ensure that they were sending a file to someone equipped to access it. This created a lot of confusion and work latency. Adobe decided to do away with tight integration and kept PDF an open-source format.

This meant that anyone could access the PDF file content irrespective of their system OS. This revolutionary step helped small businesses because they were no more required to purchase bulk OS subscriptions for their offices.

Employees could work from their homes on their personal devices. Thus, PDF became a huge money-saver for upcoming businesses, making them more efficient.

Content Protection

PDF ensures that content hampering is minimum and the creator’s intended originality is maintained. Therefore, PDF documents are in read-only format, which is great for professionals who want to convey the same opinion to a huge crowd.

There is no app that allows complete content manipulation, which helps in reducing piracy and plagiarism. However, you can use a PDF editor to highlight relevant portions within the document and add critical commentary on different portions of the document.

Mobile viewing

One great thing about the PDF format is the easy accessibility of the content, irrespective of the device. A PDF file can be accessed from any device; you just need to have a compatible browser for the same.

Also, all the stock browsers on all the devices are equipped for PDF viewing, so you won’t have to worry about any extra applications for this purpose.

This is great for people who have a field job or spend most of their time commuting. They can access all the crucial documents easily from the comfort of their phones. Even for desktops, you don’t need any exclusive application for PDF viewing. Your browser will automatically pop up a new window with the document content.

Easy editing options

PDF is usually a tightly integrated file format, which allows only limited formatting. But, in some cases, crucial edits are required via specialized tools on exclusive applications. For this reason, you can install a PDF editor on your system and convert the file into any desired extension.

If you want to access MS Word tools, convert the document from PDF to Word and make all the necessary edits. Similarly, .XLX, .PPT, etc., and all such extensions are available to allow easy access to all the applications.

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