Do you wish to tour the whole of Australia that too through your own hard earned money? Then, to apply for the working holiday visa 417 must be your choice. You can apply for this visa only if you belong to any of the eligible countries pertaining to this visa. Given below is a comprehensive guide which will give you a clear understanding about the visa subclass 417.


Basic eligibility criteria

To apply for the Visa Subclass 417 successfully you must meet some basic eligibility criteria without a miss. A complete checklist of these eligibility requirements have been outlined below.

  • Do meet all the pertinent health and character requirements effectively.
  • As an applicant, you should also comply with a couple of Public Interest and Special Return requirements.
  • You should serve your stipulated work period in regional Australia. You must meet this criterion if you are applying for your 2nd or 3rd subclass 417 visa.
  • Your children mustn’t accompany you when you are staying in Australia with this visa.
  • You should prove that you have come to Australia to genuinely spend a holiday spree over here.
  • The living standard in Australia is quite high. This requires you prove that you are possessing sufficient funds at the moment. You will have to prove this to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Most importantly, you should be the citizen of an eligible country.
  • You should be the holder of an eligible passport and should also be between 18 to 30 years.

With the 417 working holiday visa you can stay in Australia for the next 12 months. After your first working visa expires you can apply for a second and third 417 working holiday visa. The duration for both these visas is the same i.e. 12 months.


Crucial points to remember

There are some noteworthy points worth considering pertaining to the 417 working holiday visa. Let’s take a look at each of these points which have been outlined below.

  • As you already know that the 417 working holiday visa lets you stay in the country for 12 months.
  • With this visa you can work with two employers at a go for six months each.
  • While applying for your second or third 417 working holiday visa you can be inside or outside Australia.
  • When applying for your first 417 visa you should be outside Australia to ensure a successful visa application.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the medical and healthcare sectors of Australia are recruiting employees urgently. Specified work after 31st January, 2020 will be considered eligible to apply for your second or third working holiday visa.


Important documents required

There are certain documents which you should upload to ensure a successful application of your 417 working holiday visa. A comprehensive checklist about each of these documents can be considered below.


Consultancy assistance

This requires you to fill up form no. 956A to hire or withdraw a valid recipient’s name. This form is extremely helpful in getting you premium immigration assistance regarding your visa application.


Character credentials

There are certain character documents which you should submit imperatively related to your 417 working holiday visa. These include character certificates obtained from the legal and police authorities of your pertinent country.


Financial documents

The subclass 417 visa also requires you to submit a couple financial documents indispensably. In this context, your income tax returns are considered the most appropriate financial documents. This way you can prove that you possess adequate financial funds to fund your whole stay in Australia.


Identity documents

Successful application of the 417 visa requires you submit substantial identity documents. Your passport is considered the finest ID documents in this regard. Additionally, you must provide a family book or a document issued by the court or government. You particularly need to provide this document if your parents’ names aren’t included in your passport.


A brief about the application process

When applying for the Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 417 you should provide impeccable and actual pieces of information. Provision of incorrect bits of information can lead to the cancellation of your visa. That apart, the DoHA will also prohibit you from applying for the next ten years. A successful application of the visa subclass 417 is based on the three step process. This requires you create an immiAccount first. The remaining two steps include attaching the documents and paying the visa fees subsequently.


Acquisition of TRN

After you have paid your visa fees, you will receive a transaction reference number. After your visa has been approved the DoHA will send you a visa approval letter. This letter will be comprised of the commencement date of your visa, post-approval conditions and reference number.


Denial to apply for the 417 visa

You won’t be able to apply if you have a dependent kid who is below 18 years of age.


The visa cost

Whether you apply for the first, second or third 417 Visa Australia you will have to pay the same cost. This requires you pay a sum of AUD485.


Post application procedure

You should wait until the DoHA declares a certain decision pertaining to your visa application. Meanwhile, you can rectify the errors of your visa application in case there are some.


Ensure a successful visa application process

You can ensure an impeccable application of your 417 working holiday visa too? To do this you should get in touch with a registered migration agent in Perth. Through the unmatched assistance of the best migration agent you can undoubtedly apply for your 417 visa flawlessly.

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