A wedding is one of the greatest milestones in anyone’s life. It is about celebrating the love between you and your partner – whom you have chosen for life! But there is another goal at hand: Throwing a remarkable and epic party that will leave everyone with wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. So how do you make your wedding stand out? If you want your wedding to be a party that no one has ever attended, keep reading for the best wedding tips that will make it the best day of yours and your loved one’s lives!

We have also generously included a handful of standout ideas for you guys. 

  1. Keep Your Ceremony Brief

Although weddings are a once in a lifetime affair and they consist of several ceremonies and rituals, depending on your ethnicity. Not all ceremonies are required as per law and religion, so it is best to either do away with them or keep them short. Let’s save the best for last – without much ado!

  1. Choose a Personalized Program

You are bound to have a variety of guests at your wedding. They will be people from different ethnicities and cultures. It often happens that people go through hours of a ceremony, spend money on the couple, and then realize that the wedding was over when you were busy hitting the food counter. 

Create creative cards for your family and friends to give them a primer on how the ceremonies will be conducted to keep them informed as well as involved! Nothing quite like sharing some responsibility. 

  1. Splurge on the Open Bar

Let’s be real – Who does not like free alcohol? No matter how dull a wedding turns out to be, it can be brought back to life merely by the sight of an open bar. An open bar gives people a window to socialize, get together for chitchat, and have a blast. At the same time, make sure that everyone’s drinking responsibly! Keep limited drinking options at the bar and curate it with interesting cocktails to make it appealing.

  1. Avoid a Musical Chairs Scenario over Seating

Although it might sound obvious, it is necessary to organize the seating order during your wedding.

It does not matter if your reception dinner will be plated meal, buffet, or family-style servings: A smart seating chart is vital to ensuring your guests do not go around squabbling over a seat for a closer look at the wedding. Try to group people of similar age groups and backgrounds to maintain the vibe.

  1. Dance Your Heart Out!

Among all the things mentioned, the highlight of the wedding is the wedding music bands. People often get their favorite celebrities or singers to perform at their weddings. Not only is that glamorous but it also helps the crowd to groove to something together! But if that’s too expensive for you, you have other alternatives too. In such cases, you can also keep it simple and classy by getting a string orchestra to perform, and waltz around! Orchestra lovers will finally reunite!

  1. Keep The Speeches Short (And Simple!)

Speeches are a pivotal component of any wedding; make sure they do not drag on for too long. Keep the toasts brief. If possible, allot speaking time for each person, and have your DJ prepared to make tasteful cut-offs! We can do the talking later.

  1. Have Phone Charging Stations

While people are busy taking pictures, recording videos, or just fooling around, not everybody notices that their phones get drained. Mobile phones, especially at weddings are nothing short of an organ, and people need to carry it with them everywhere they go.

In such scenarios, offering charging stations is a very kind and intelligent way to show guests you care about their requirements. 


Weddings are an occasion to remember for a lifetime, so it is upon you to make it worthwhile and memorable for everybody who visits! Our innovative tips will surely help you throw a grand wedding like no other!