When it comes to important purchases few things are more important than engagement rings or wedding rings. These are rings that you and/or your partner are going to have to wear for the rest of your lives, and they’re rings that will need to make a statement about the way you feel about each other and about your happiness in the years to come.

If you get this wrong then this could put a downer on your future marriage or even prevent it from happening at all, while if you get it right it can provide a beautiful symbol of your love that will become a family heirloom and take on an almost magical property.

While the perfect wedding rings and engagement rings will depend to at least some extent on taste and vary from person to person, there will also be some commonalities and predictable elements that you can rely on. Here we will look at some tips that are almost guaranteed to help you ‘get it right’.

Think Practically

One thing that many people forget to do – particularly men – when choosing their rings, is to think about them from a practical perspective. For instance if you’re choosing an engagement ring for your partner then don’t just think about which ring will look the best or draw the most attention – think about whether it will be practical wear or whether it will be liable to getting lost or damaged.

For instance then, if you’re looking at rings that have a very large stone that protrudes outwards along way, then you might want to reconsider as these can easily Wedding ringbecome caught on clothing or knocked whereas a flatter ring will be less likely to. Likewise if you’re looking at thin bands then you should be aware that these will be more likely to break.

Likewise another thing to think about from a practicality perspective is how it will look on the finger alongside other rings – which applies to your wedding bands as well as engagement rings. These two rings right away are likely to be worn on the same finger, so if you pick something very wide then this could become a problem.

Think About Dating

Another thing to think about is whether or not your ring is likely to stand the test of time. As mentioned, engagement rings and wedding rings often become heirlooms that are passed down through the generations and you should hopefully be wearing it yourself for at least a good fifty years, so you need to choose something that’s not too ‘funky’ or ‘stylish’ so that it doesn’t become quickly out of date.

Think Technical

Now you need to think about aesthetics and the stone/metal that’s involved, but don’t just make like a magpie and pick the shiniest thing – think about the technical features of the ring and choose something that will be high quality and that will last. This means a high carat for your gold or silver and it means a diamond that passes the ‘four Cs’ test – carat, cut, clarity and color.

When you follow the above tips to buy the wedding rings or the engagement rings, your choice will certainly be appreciated by your partner and everyone. The article is a thought provoking one on the thing that really matters we sometimes just pass on. Your wedding day beauty is important too.