When you proposed to your girl, you probably thought it would be a year or six months at least before you needed to consider wedding plans, but that’s because you’re a man. Your fiancée, as she is now will be huddling together with her girlfriends, fantasizing about a beautiful dress and a fairy tale wedding.

If you thought that getting married would be a reasonably quiet affair, apart from your buddies of course, you’ll soon learn that you were mistaken. The following months should give you a much clearer picture of what you could be getting into: if you want to stay sane then watch out for these seven signs that you should call of the wedding.

Sign 1: She Starts Fretting About How Much You Spend on a Night Out

call-off-weddingOne of the signs that your life may never be yours to organize again, is if she starts complaining about what you spend on a night out. Keep your ears open for comments like, ‘darling, we could have booked the venue with the money you spent going to Bill’s stag night.’ She could be watching every penny and calculating how it detracted from (her) wedding plans.

If you want to stay in control of how much you spend and how much you spend on the wedding, this may be a sign that you should call the whole thing off.

Sign 2: She’s Already Dictating What you Should Wear

While you were quite prepared to settle for some kind of formal menswear for the wedding, you didn’t want anything too over the top. Something formal yet sharp from Paul Jones or Hugo Boss is your preferred wedding attire, or perhaps a well cut suit from Barbour, just for the day. When you discover she’s already researched and costed top hats and morning suits for you and your best man, this could be a sign that she’ll be choosing everything you wear from now on – time to get out?

Sign 3: She Gets Increasingly Stressed as the Day Draws Nearer

You might be able to cope with some tears and tantrums, but when everything is wrong, including your choice of formal menswear, you can see the fun in your relationship disappearing fast. Calling off the wedding won’t do much for her stress levels but it could save you from a life of misery.

Sign 4: Her Level of Control Increases as it Gets Nearer the Day

There is no getting away from the fact that some women live to control their man, if this is happening with you, look to the future, if she’s controlling now what will things be like five years down the line – make a bid for freedom now.

Signs 5: 6 The Flat’s too Small – Where Will the Children Sleep?

You’re looking forward to moving her permanently into your flat and enjoying the early years of marriage. Saving for a house and planning a family is way down on your list of priorities right now – definitely time to call it a day.

Sign 7: The Death Knell of a Relationship

She doesn’t want you to have a great stag do with your friends – ‘why do you need to go to Ibiza without me?’ She starts pointing out that once you’re married you’ll go on holidays together and meet other happy couples! So if you don’t want to end up divorced a year down the line, collect your Barbour coat and make a sharp exit.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Anna Davies who retail casual and formal menswear such as Barbour coats. Crispin is happily married and enjoys writing about relationships.