Any ordinary room will look and feel alive with vibrant colors and sweet aromas from fresh blooms. Flowers definitely add more life to any space, but the joy can be momentary. Let’s face it, once you cut flowers, you remove them from their life source. This means that they will soon die. But don’t feel guilty as flowers do have a certain lifespan. So, whether you cut them or not, flowers will bloom and then die. In case you do love some blooms inside your home though, you can actually enjoy them a little longer with these simple tips.

Clean flower vase or container

Before putting flowers in a container, make sure that this is clean. Wash a container with soap and bleach. It’s important to clean vases with bleach to make sure that these are free from bacteria or other diseases from previous flower arrangements. Rinse this well and make sure that there aren’t any soap residues.

Condition flowers before cutting

When you condition your flowers before cutting, this will help maximize their life. This is actually fairly simple. After purchasing flowers or cutting them from your yard, make sure to place these in water immediately. The water should fill about a third of Flower Arragementsthe container, just enough to cover about 2 to 3 inches of the flowers’ stems. You don’t have to fill a vase with a lot of water as flowers only absorb water through their cut ends. Then, allow the flowers to drink water for about 4 to 5 hours. If you bought the flowers late in the afternoon or at night, you can leave them in water overnight before cutting.

Cutting and preparing flowers

After conditioning, you’re ready to cut. Get a pair of secateurs or pruning shears. As much as possible, don’t use scissors for cutting because these will flatten or crush the stems, which are vital for the absorption and distribution of water. When cutting, make sure to cut the stems at an angle instead of cutting horizontally. If you cut at an angle, this exposes more of the stem and this allows a plant to absorb more water. Then, make sure to get rid of leaves, especially those that are under the vase or near the water. These will crowd and then rot, and rotting will make the water dirtier, and it will also increase bacteria levels in water. Also, make sure not to overcrowd flowers because this prevents ventilation, which then increases bacteria growth.

Add items that prolong the life of cut plants

There are so many things that can help lengthen the life of cut flowers. With the use of aspirin, vodka, vinegar, bleach, sugar, and even a copper penny, you’ll be able to enjoy your flowers longer.

Keep flower arrangements away from heat or direct sunlight

Don’t put your flowers under direct sunlight. They’ll quickly wilt and die if you do. Also, don’t put your vase of flowers near heat-producing appliances, like heaters, ovens, or even computers and televisions.

Place blooms far from other plants or fruits

Plants and fruit release a gaseous substance known as ethylene. If you expose your cut flowers to this, they will rapidly droop.

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