You are entering the psychic world, a place of mystery, magic, and things unseen. You come for a physic reading. Before doing this you looked for someone whom you feel would be most helpful. You sifted through the biographies of various psychics. You also looked at clairvoyant bios. As you are doing this, you wonder whether a psychic or clairvoyant will be best. A psychic is gifted and trained in reading your psychic energies.

The Benefits of Getting a Psychic Reading:

A clairvoyant is one who “sees clearly” and gets flashes or mental pictures of relevant information that can guide you. The term “medium” and “psychic” are similar. Both do readings on the psychic energies you are emitting. Tarot readings are done with a set of cards, each with a character or symbol. The reader can interpret your desires from the cards you choose.

This brings us to the most interesting and fascinating aspect of psychic readings. You’ve now chosen the person who will do your reading. You’ve come looking for answers about your career and relationships. You’ve done this before but you’ve come to this special person. You believe that he/she will give you the “right” answers. A previous psychic reading had warned about difficulties related to job performance.

Psychic or the Medium Reading

Before doing this reading, let’s examine how the mind works. We came to this reading with certain thoughts, habits and beliefs. Our thoughts are continuously emitting psychic energy. Repeated often enough they form a habit. A simple example is brushing our teeth. At first your parents must repeat over and over for you to brush your teeth. Eventually you start brushing your teeth without even thinking about it. You are in the habit of brushing your teeth. This habit of brushing your teeth now forms a belief that you must brush your teeth to protect them from decay. You come to believe that the care of your teeth is part of your overall health.

Psychic Readings

We form the same belief system with our non-physical beliefs. They are just as powerful, even more powerful. Here is an example. A person works for a large corporation. Over the years he/she carefully manages to work on the right projects, align himself/herself with the reigning power group and gets promoted over and over. Now in his/her fifties, the time has come to go for it, right to the top. It gets done and now we see CEO on the door. Then a few months later there is a reshuffling of personnel. Suddenly you are either dismissed or relegated to a basement office. Yet, your colleagues are able to retain their old positions. You simply can’t understand what happened. What really happened or took place in the unseen world of our beliefs. In this case, the person had an unknown, deep seated belief that he/she did not deserve such a high position. That belief caused the person’s demise. We’ve seen politicians with that same belief system.

A good physic will see this energy system and try to give practical advice that will help the person overcome this negative belief. The psychic will encourage the person to do some self examination, give hope and inspiration to the person.

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