Some people may argue that a name defines a person, it makes you who you are; whereas for some people a name is just something which provides a label by which to call you which bears no impact on you as a person. I would argue that a name must have some importance because it is one thing that will probably stay with you for life. If your name is one which is too difficult to spell or say, or it is linked to a negative connotation then these things can make an impact on your life or on your child’s life in a way you may not have intended for them.

Recently I was talking to a lady who had been called what we would describe as a “normal” name, yet she still found that she continually had to spell out her name as it was also paired with a complicated surname. I hadn’t thought about the fact that I always have to spell out my surname and now I have thought about it that can be annoying, but paired with something easy like Anna means that I only have one name to sound out (well done to my parents!)

Spellings Are Important

I also think another important thing is how you spell your name, because how often do you need to spell your name to people, every time forms are filled out; tables are booked in a restaurant; when you introduce yourself, the list goes on. If it is a classic or phonetically logical name then the child will be able to learn it without going against the rules of English, and without causing too much confusion to the people around them, as a person who works with children that would be my recommendation!

Regretting Choices

When I name my child I want to make sure the name is something which I will always like and will not regret, so to me it needs to be a name which is meaningful to me or to my family. I have a middle name which was given to me because of the circumstances under which I was born, and to me it is beautiful for that reason. I want to pass that onto my daughter if I ever have one. However, when I was younger I hated it, and I mean that, I really was embarrassed to tell people my name. To me it was an old lady’s name which came along with an awkward story and I just did not like it. I do worry that my daughter would not like it, but I came around to it and now I am very proud of it, but it is a risk.

Overall, a name does impact on you as a person; studies have shown that names can alter the way people are. I guess this could be expected as a child with a very unusual name may be picked on at school which could cause self-esteem worries. However, it could go the other way and make them stand out from the crowd and be confident and outgoing. No matter how you view it, a name is important and unless you decide to change it by deed poll then you are stuck with it for life…so make sure you choose your children’s names wisely, they will thank you for it.

This article is by Anna and she thinks that naming your baby is vitally important, it is just the decisions on which name to choose that is difficult!