While having a baby is an exciting moment in your life, you will eventually want to think about going back to work and getting out of the house. The maternity clothing that you wore while pregnant flattered your baby bump and helped you stay comfy, but you’ll likely want to look for new pieces. Not only do you want clothing that is comfy and flatters your figure, but you also want pieces that are easy to wear around a new baby. The comfiest clothes for postpartum women include clothing that you can wear at work and with friends.

Nursing Tops and Dresses

Nursing tops are a must-have for any mommy who plans on breastfeeding. They have simple snaps that let you open the chest area to feed a fussy baby without missing a beat. These shirts come in tons of styles that are perfect for everything from a night at home in front of the TV to a busy day at the office. If you find that you want to wear something a little fancier, go with a nursing dress. Nursing dresses offer the same convenient access and come in sizes and styles to flatter all figures.

Yoga Pants

Who says yoga pants are just for practicing some of your favorite yoga positions? Companies now make these pants in a range of sizes as well as lengths. A pair that falls to the knee or calf is perfect for wearing on a hot day. Those that stop at the angle offer more coverage and keep your legs warm. It’s easy to find yoga pants in solid colors and fun patterns for the holidays and special occasions. As yoga pants have quite a bit of stretch, they fit you now and as your figure changes.

Maternity Clothing

According to Medical News Today, the postpartum period for women usually lasts for a few months. As much as you love your new baby, you might feel a little down or sad too, which is perfectly natural. Wearing maternity clothing helps you stay comfortable over the next few months and ensures you have pieces that fit your body. Many women invest in maternity clothing in different sizes to wear during the different stages of their pregnancies. You can gradually work your way through those sizes as your body adjusts to having a new baby around.

Peplum Skirts

One of the best pieces of clothing to have in your wardrobe is a peplum skirt. This type of skirt has a small piece of fabric called a peplum around the waistband that flares out from your stomach. The peplum acts as camouflage to hide your belly but looks so flattering that it can make you feel like a celebrity. You’ll also find this addition to certain types of dresses, blouses, and suits. Look for pieces that use stretchy materials to get more wear out of them. These skirts will help you feel like a model at a restaurant or the office.

Plus Sizes

Don’t forget to shop for plus size clothing for women too. Designers now make pieces that are appropriate for a day at work or a night on the town. Outfits with a nautical design combine dark colors with fun patterns that highlight all of your best features and eliminate any of your problem spots. You might prefer elastic waistbands and pieces with have more give until you get back to your old weight.


With the comfiest clothing for postpartum women, you can look and feel your best after bringing home a new baby. Thanks to the newest and hottest fashions, you might find some excuses to get out of the house and show off your favorites.