It could be a tricky affair to find the right sunglass that accentuates your facial features. Often times, people find their perfect sunglass and stick to that, without trying out all the latest trendy styles that are making headlines. Before you start digging around what’s hot in the fashion world, let’s first find out your face shape and the sunglass shape for your face.

Sunglasses shop

Sunglasses shop

The Different Face Shapes 

Now there are 6 different face shapes, find out from the description which face shape describes your own.

  • Oval – This is the ideal face shape, as everything is proportional. This face shape has really pretty symmetrical features, which allows it to rock just about any kind of sunglasses. There are no strong angles present but a gently rounded feature which makes the features look soft. If this sounds like your face shape, then you can do any sunglass shapes, just try and avoid oversized glasses. You do not want to hide your pretty features under dark glasses. Go to your nearest sunglass shop and pick a flirty heart shaped sunglass!
  • Round – This is the rounder version of the oval face shape. Like the oval face shape, it has no hard angles but also more curves. The key to making it work with this face shape is to opt for sunglasses that have a lot of angles or are angular. This will create illusionary angles on your face making it look round and more oval. So your goal here to oval any sunglass that has a round shapes because it will make your face look even rounder than it already is. Pick a square or rectangle sunglass form your nearest sunglass shop.
  • Rectangular – If you have a rectangular face shape, you will rock oversized sunglasses. This face shape is long and narrow. Along with being long and narrow, they lack angles. So you should be searching for reducing  the length of your face and make it look smaller while at the same time you need to add angles to your face and all of this could be achieved with oversized glasses. You can also pick thick frames or classic vintage frames from a sunglass shop.
  • Square – Now here is a face shape that has some strong angles. This kind of face shape has a really strong set jaw line along with a wide forehead. When choosing sunglasses from sunglass shop, you need to look for sunglasses that have rounded edges or have rounded lenses. Opting for rounder sunglasses will provide a soften look to the strong features of your face. Butterflies and aviators will look great on you!
  • Diamond – If you have a diamond face shape, you must have wider cheekbones compared to your narrow forehead and jaw. Since your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, you should always opt for sunglasses that tend to soften the widest feature on your face, once again hard to find. You look great in rimless sunglasses. You should avoid wearing oversized glasses as those will not complement your face shape.
  • Heart – If you are blessed with a heart-shaped face, your widest part is your forehead and temple while the lower part of your face is quite narrow. This kind of face shape gives off a feminine look, and cat-eye glasses look great with your face shape. Not only that, but you can also rock rimless, aviator and butterfly glasses, a unique trendy appearance. The next time you go to a sunglass shop, remember to go for a sunglass that has a lower edge.


Now that you have figured out your face shape and the sunglass shape that complements your facial features, you should not have too much of problem picking up a new shade the next time you visit a sunglasses shop.