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As the winter season approaches, you may want to add some new fragrances to your collection. The colder the weather gets, the “warmer” you’ll want your fragrances to be. While fragrances like fresh linen and citrus are popular in spring and summer, winter fragrances often contain notes of fir, fig, vanilla, amber, and musk.


If you’re looking for a new winter fragrance or want to find the perfect gift for a loved one, here are five of the best fragrances for Winter 2020.


Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb Extreme


This fragrance from popular brand Viktor and Rolf comes in a sleek bottle shaped like a hand grenade. The cologne has spicy and Oriental notes which makes it warm and appealing. Spicebomb Extreme is available in an Eau de parfum concentration so it will last for up to 12 hours so it’s perfect for special occasions.


Creed Aventus


Creed Aventus has several fruity and spice notes for an alluring combination that is great for both casual and formal occasions. This cologne contains notes of pineapple, vanilla, apple, oakmoss, and black currant. Creed Aventus has a brightness to it, but it’s still appropriate for winter because the fruity notes are combined with pronounced scents that provide a pleasant fragrant combination. If you’re interested in trying Creed Aventus but have never tried the scent before, you can try a Creed Aventus sample before you buy to see how the cologne works with your body chemistry.


Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan


If you want to feel like you’re being wrapped in a plush blanket on a cold winter day, Cashmere Mist is the fragrance for you. Cashmere Mist contains floral and citrus elements that turn earthier the longer you wear the fragrance. If you’re planning some relaxing events this winter like holiday dinner or a game night with friends, this fragrance is the ideal choice. Cashmere Mist has a bergamot top note which is likely the first scent you notice. The heart of the perfume is suede, jasmine, and lily of the valley, and base notes include musk, vanilla, and amber.


Eternity by Calvin Klein


If you’re looking for the perfect fragrance for a date night, Eternity by Calvin Klein is a great choice. When you’re participating in winter activities like enjoying a cup of hot cocoa while walking in the snow or enjoying some holiday music by the fire, this fragrance will add to the fondness of these winter memories. Eternity has top notes of sage, freesia, and mandarin which makes the perfume floral and fruity. The middle notes include marigold and white lily and you’ll smell hints of sandalwood and amber in the perfume as well.


Chanel Coco Noir


If you enjoy spending quality time with the people you love during winter, a perfume like Coco Noir helps you capture the essence of the season. Coco Chanel is known for its high-quality fragrances, and Coco Noir does not disappoint. If you enjoy creating an air of romance and mystery wherever you go, this perfume is a wonderful choice. Earth tones and floral notes are apparent in Coco Noir to make the scent bold but not too overpowering. The top notes in Coco Noir are spices and tobacco leaf, and the main notes are cacao, tonka bean, tobacco blossom, and vanilla to make Coco Noir a scent you’ll definitely remember when you smell it. The base notes are wood and dried fruit to balance the strong tobacco and cacao notes.


There are several colognes and perfumes to choose from when you want to add more sweetness, warmth, fruity, or floral notes to your winter fragrance choices. Our sense of smell often helps us relive great memories. If you plan on doing something special with your friends, loved ones, or significant other this winter, a pleasant scent associated with these memories will help you relive the magic each time you open your cologne or perfume.


You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your body wash and lotions to make your fragrance last longer. A little vanilla, cinnamon, or bergamot oil can bring out the notes of your perfume or cologne and keep a delightful fragrance on your skill throughout the day.