The big day is approaching and you are considering your options for a wedding venue. There are so many- from a magical night at Disneyland to a beautiful evening on a beach shore. However, both of these options as well as others have one major downside: cost. Extravagant weddings can be costly, and although some may argue that it is worth the financial burden, some couples may choose to go a simpler, yet beautiful route.

Having a wedding at a country club can be both less costly compared to other weddings, and leave your attending guests in awe. There are many decoration ideas and tips for planning your perfect country club wedding an event to remember.

Seven Reasons to Consider Getting Married at a Golf Club Wedding Venue:

  • Tradition: Country clubs have long been servicing couples across the nation for weddings. It can be said that having your wedding at a country club in the Western tradition.
  • One price for all: Not to mention that these clubs are also equipped with the full deal- from catering to exquisite decorations. Instead of having the burden of purchasing these necessities separate, some country clubs offer a package deal for your wedding to make the day memorable and lighter on your wallet.
  • Weddings of all sizes: Golf club wedding venues often have more than one area available for your wedding whether it be the garden, ballroom, or a larger outdoor space. With this in mind, you can invite as little from twenty people up to almost two hundred.
  • Landing space: With all the lawn space available, there is room to make your wedding extra special. Want to have the bride come down from a helicopter? There is a landing space available for that. There are endless possibilities!
  • Gorgeous Photo Ops: By choosing a country club venue, you are inviting the opportunity to take wedding pictures with beautiful backgrounds. The landscape offers trees, grass, and flowers to make the photo more vibrant and rich.
  • Parking made easy: At all golf club venues, valet parking is available for such events. This makes accommodating your guests that much easier.
  • A night to remember: Most golf clubs do not book more than one large event in a night and therefore, your wedding may be the only event for the night. This makes the evening more private and exclusive.

Planning Your Perfect Country Club Wedding:

Golf club venues often offer a wedding planner in the case that you need extra assistance in planning your big day. However, here are some quick and easy tips for planning a successful outdoor country club wedding early!

  • Begin with the big details: The bigger details of your wedding are often the more troublesome ones. These include amenities, invitations, and guest lists, and booking certain places for specific days. Once these are all taken care of, the process will seem easier as all you have left to focus on are the smaller details.
  • Make a budget: Budgeting is perhaps one of the most vital to-dos for your wedding. Without having a limit to how much you can afford to spend, there is a risk of going over and being in debt. Spend smartly!
  • Be yourself: When planning a wedding, remember that the day is all about you! You will receive a lot of outside suggestions and opinions, but remember to keep true to what you want!

With these in mind, you are ready for your gold club wedding!