There are stories about people who decide to not show up on their wedding day. The got scared and decided not to attend their big day. Even if they did not have any issue with their partner, they still thought of running away from everything. Sometimes, it is all about mental preparedness. You have tons of negative thoughts in your mind, and you need to start washing them all out.

Look forward to a bright future:

You are getting married because you love the person. It means that you are envisioning a wonderful future with that person. You need to keep thinking about it on your wedding day. The wedding could be chaotic and messy, but it is not a big deal. The goal is for you to get through the day and start a life together.

The common fear that every groom and bride face is whether this is their most wrong decision or not (Yes! I also have been through that feeling!). But it is high time that you prioritize your own moments of the relationship.

Was he there when you needed him the most? Does he love a little of what you love? Do you see him as a man who would be there when you grow old? It is very important that you do that because the answers will tell you what to do (and sometimes that is the most romantic and overwhelming moment ever!)

Think about what you went through:

You might have had relationships with many people before finding your true love. You shed tears and even felt frustrated because you thought you were not going to find that perfect partner. Now that you have, it is time to appreciate the person. Look back at your sad past and be grateful that you are finally getting married to put you in a positive mood during the wedding.

Love is complete if divinity is with you. Look at the bright side of your marriage, you two are uniting in the presence of God, and granted his permission and witness. So, if the Almighty wants you two to be together, then have faith and walk towards the alter as you two are meant to be together.

It will eventually be a quiet life:

You feel overwhelmed now because of the people around you. From your in-laws to your friends, it seems like everyone has something to say about the wedding, and to some extent, your relationship. It is understandable for things to be loud and messy at this point. However, you will reach a point when things will start to be quiet. It will just be you and your partner. Think about that day and you will feel excited to get things over with.

People will judge you anyway:

You also worry that people are going to judge your wedding. You think about your weight and how you do not fit your wedding dress. You also fear that your guests will not feel satisfied with the food. Stop thinking about their judgments. Whether or not things go as planned, they will judge you anyway. You might as well forget what they say and focus on having a good day. You prepare the wedding for yourself and not for the judgment of other people.

Be silent for a while:

You speak with many people all the time to finalize the details of the wedding. It helps if you spend some time alone. Do not talk to anyone, not even your future partner. You need this time to let go all of your negative emotions and fill your mind with positive thoughts. You can go back to your wedding plans once you have spent enough time being alone.

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