Your wedding day should be the most special day of your life, and so, it is only natural that you want the wedding of your dreams. From the flowers and wedding cake design to the length of the bridesmaid’s dresses and the style of your shoes, every little detail should be perfect.

As you begin to plan your wedding, you will probably be wondering how you can make your big day as memorable and unique as possible. It’s natural to want to make your wedding as special as possible, not just for you and the groom-to-be, but also for your guests, too.

The best way to ensure that your wedding is as memorable as it is romantic is with little personal touches. This could be anything from DIY wedding favours to a fun and unique take on your wedding cake.

To help you make your wedding day a celebration to remember, we have come up with some fantastic ideas for personal touches.

Think about your flowers

Instead of opting for traditional wedding flowers and bouquet, ask your florist for something a bit different. Perhaps you could request that your florist create a bouquet out of three of your favourite types of flowers. Or, if you are stuck for ideas, you could always give your florist free reign – hopefully they will come up with something unique.

Alternatively, for a truly unique take on your wedding flowers, why not make them yourself? Get together with your bridesmaids and learn how to design flower arrangements and posies.

Get creative with your wedding favours

Wedding favours tend to vary widely from wedding to wedding. Some couples give guests wedding key rings or mini personalised bottles of wine while others give the more traditional gift of sugared almonds.

To add personality and character to your wedding, be unique with your wedding favours and think outside of the box. Think about the style of your wedding when choosing your wedding favours, as well as the elements of your reception. For example, if you are having a cocktail bar, you could give each guest a mini bottle of your wedding cocktail as a favour.

Incorporate fun features into your reception

Instead of doing the same old thing – dancing, wedding breakfast and speeches, think about how you can make your reception unique.

Instead of having a sit-down meal, why not have a posh buffet and waiters with canapes? Around the edge of the room maybe you could have tables of different things – a cocktail bar or a retro sweetie table, perhaps? Instead of sticking disposable cameras on every table, hire a wedding photobooth by pinkmenprints. Think about all the ways you can make your reception fun and unique.


One of the best ways to make your wedding memorable is through the decor. If you are creative and are happy to create your own wedding decor, then this is where you can really start to show off.

You could pop tea lights in tinted glasses to create a romantic glow. You could make DIY thank you cards complete with a quote you are your new husband love. You could also decorate glass jars with ribbon and glitter and use them for displaying flowers.

There are so many different things you could do for your wedding decor. Take your time planning and take inspiration from wedding magazines and Pinterest to get some fantastic decorating ideas.