Do you have a soft spot for lace and frills? Maybe you’re not a particularly girly person, but you love the vintage look of lace. You might want to add some lace or delicate crochet to your wedding. But what are the best ways to do it? You can make your wedding as lacey and frilly as you want it to be. Maybe you’ll just focus on the dress or put lots of small details throughout the venue. There are lots of methods you can use to get that delicate touch into different aspects of your day. Try the ones below to add some lace detail or create a lacey theme.

The Dress

If you have a love of lace, your wedding dress is the obvious place to start. While not everyone wants lace on their dress, it can make be the perfect detail to add to your outfit. A lace overlay is a popular choice for many brides, but you don’t have to cover your whole dress. You might choose to have part of the bodice or skirt with some lace on it. Accessories such as belts or perhaps a bolero could add a lacey touch to your outfit. You could go with lace sleeves or even lace shoes if you want to try and be a little more subtle.


The Stationery

There are two ways to add a lace look to your wedding stationery. Using pieces of lace to stick or tie them to invites and other items is one method. You could tie a piece of lace around the spine of a folded wedding invitation. Or use some to create a border around your menu cards. You can also consider laser cut card, which enables you to create intricate, lace-like designs. It’s easy to find affordable laser cut wedding invitations. They have a beautiful, delicate appearance. You could add some other details too, such as pearls and crystals or ribbon.

Table Settings

Lace doilies might be a bit too old-fashioned for most people. But you can still incorporate lace into your tables. You could use lace tablecloths or table runners, which give an incredible vintage look. If you want to be a little more subtle, you could have lace in your table decorations. Wrap a piece of lace around candleholders or vases, for example, for a quick and easy DIY idea. Give everyone a lacey placemat, perhaps made using the same laser cut method you can use for your stationery.


Flowers and Decorations

Get lace into your flowers and other decorations too. A piece of lace tied around your bouquet will be the finishing touch to a vintage-themed wedding outfit. The decorations throughout your venue could feature lace and laser cut paper and card too. Hang lace with lights to see them glow through the gaps in the material. Or use lace to create bunting and chains you can string across the room.

If you’re a lover of lace, there are so many ways you can get it into your wedding. Give everything a vintage touch by using it however you want.