One of the difficult aspects of life is that no matter how hard we try to plan and guard against unwelcome surprises, the fact is that there are always unexpected events that come up and take us unawares. This is an undeniable fact of life, and that’s why it’s important to protect yourself with more than just and emergency insurance policy that covers disasters. It’s also important to adopt a philosophy of life that helps you to cope when the unexpected comes along and throws you a major curve.


We all know that upsetting and very shocking things can happen unexpectedly. These events can range from losing a loved one in an accident, to losing a job, a home, or experiencing an earthquake.


Tips For Dealing With Unexpected Crises


The fact is that if the unexpected throws you a curve, going into a stressed-out panic (though it may be tempting) is ultimately not very helpful. Yes, shocking events can throw us for a terrible curve, and it can be hard to think clearly at first, but it’s wise to have an emotional plan in place for dealing with life’s unexpected emergencies. Here are a few tips that can help to deal with those unexpected emergency situations in a more even-keel way.


  1. Acknowledge the fact that the unexpected can and will happen. Facing the reality of the unexpected can be very helpful when emergencies come up. Instead of taking on an attitude of utter shock and dismay, it can be helpful to have an attitude that takes on the perspective that yes, tough things happen. Acknowledging this reality is the first step in dealing with it effectively.


  1. Stay Calm. If you acknowledge that staying calm will always help the situation more than becoming hysterical, you’ve already solved a major problem. Try to sit and just take a few breaths and assess the situation before exploding and taking a rash action. Call on backup support from friends or family if you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, but know that staying calm is one of the best ways of coping.


  1. Make a Plan to Handle the Situation. No matter what has happened, making a list of possible actions to take to deal with it will help you manage the situation. Whether this means calling a family member, to calling an insurance company or caliing an Emergency Dentist Calgary, taking tangible steps to solve the unexpected problem will make you feel that you are staying stable.


  1. Practice Meditation. A regular practice of sitting quietly each day to review your thoughts and just take a break from your usual activities can be a tremendous way to build up perspective and get in touch with calming thoughts. Knowing how to stay calm every day is one of the best “insurance policies” possible when a real emergency strikes.


  1. Have a Sense of Detachment. Meditation can help you to access feelings of calm, and as those skills develop, you can also take on a sense of detachment about some of life’s most alarming events. The reality is that each day the tide comes in, and then it goes out, and wars start and eventually they end. Having a detached perspective about life’s trials and tribulations comes in very handy when the unexpected strikes.


In a perfect world, every day would be blissfully peaceful, and wars and crimes and accidents would never happen. Unfortunately, however, life has its serious ups and downs, and knowing how to roll with the punches and take events in stride is a huge life skill to have. So, the next time the unexpected comes up and threatens to push you in the nose, take a deep breath and remember, “this too shall pass.”