Cold winter weather can take its toll on a home. The good news is that being prepared ahead of time can lessen the effects of the snow, sleet, and ice. Especially if you suffer from extreme heat in the summertime, you’ll want to make sure that there aren’t any unattended damages left when the snow comes. Check these items now before winter weather hits.

Inspect Your Roof

If you have noticed shingles laying on the ground after summer storms, it is time to inspect your roof. Missing shingles can be replaced for a reasonable price and can prevent costly roof repairs and leaks during winter storms. Check around the chimney or air conditioner and take care of any repairs that could cause the wood to rot. If your roof doesn’t have shingles, it’s still a good idea to check it out. Remove leaves and pine needles with a rake or blower. They can retain moisture that can harm the winter when left long enough.

Check Your Furnace

Don’t be stuck in with freezing temperatures and a broken furnace. Get it checked and tuned up by a professional before winter to keep it running during cold weather. Most tune-ups cost less than $150, which is considerably less than an emergency repair. If the technician recommends that you install a new furnace, it is best to do it now. Your new furnace will be more efficient and can save you money. If your furnace is several years old, you may inquire about furnace installation and what your cost savings could be.

Caulk Doors and Windows

Cracks and gaps in windows and doors are a major reason for high utility bills. These crack and gaps allow cold air to come in and leak warm air out. This makes your heater work harder and costs more money. Use caulking to fill in these gaps and keep your entire home warmer. Door sweeps can also be installed on the bottom of doors to prevent cold drafts from making their way into rooms, as well as help in keeping out pests that may want to come bunker down for the winter in your home.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Many people turn off their ceiling fans during the winter thinking that it will keep their home warmer. Your ceiling fans may be able to help warm your home. Check your fan to see if it has a reverse switch. If it does, press it to make your ceiling spin clockwise. This produces an updraft in the room that forces warm air near the ceiling down to warm the rest of the room. This small change can do a lot to save energy costs from your heater, especially when only slight temperatures changes are needed.

The damages brought on by summer heat all need to be addressed before the heavy snow comes and further damages your home. Repairs are difficult to make in cold weather and nobody wants to spend their holiday season organizing overdue home maintenance. Don’t be stuck with expensive repairs in the middle of winter. Get ready now so that you can enjoy being warm indoors this winter season.