Still fighting to break your addiction to cigarettes? Just remember the side effects, the people and the loved ones around you and the bad effects that smoking has on your health. All these things will help you to motivate and fight against the bad habit of smoking.

However, if nothing is working out, here are a few techniques that will motivate you to quit smoking:

1. Set a date

Promise yourself and stick to a date you will not smoke after. Further, make it sure that you don’t drag this date; instead adhere to it wholeheartedly. You might even reward yourself for following the plan. You might like to treat yourself by splurging on shopping or doing anything which you like the most, only next to smoking. This would motivate you and keep your spirits high in your endeavor to quit smoking.

2. Have a positive mindset

You must have already made many attempts to quit smoking. But, don’t give up! Hold on a bit more. Just remember all your experiences and achievements which you were able to achieve no matter how. Encourage yourself that you will be able to quit smoking this time, without thinking of the past bad experiences.

3. Have confidence

Your willpower and strong determination are the keys to quitting smoking. Ask yourself: Is quitting really important for me? Use this as your motivation whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

4. Analyze yourself

Look for the reasons that make you want to quit smoking. If you are not sure just look towards your family and your loved ones, make a list of them and whenever you feel an urge to light up a cigarette, just think about your reasons for quitting smoking. These will surely make you feel better.

5. Plan your diet

Studies have shown that there are certain foods that make a cigarette more satisfying and some make it taste terrible. This is the reason perhaps why you might love to have a puff of cigarette just after your dinner. Thus, it is highly recommended to include foods like fruits and vegetables and cheese in your diet which might make cigarettes taste terrible.

6. Reward yourself

Rewards, no matter, big or small, help you look forward and can motivate you to keep away from smoking. Thus, next time you overcome your urge to smoke, just reward yourself with an ice cream or a cupcake or go for a massage.

7. Ask for help

Talking to your family members and co-workers can also help you in your missing to quit smoking. Even a small step counts. After spending a day or two without smoking, talk to everyone who is close to you. Their praise and encouragement will go a long way in helping you to quit smoking.

8. Five-minute walk

Develop some healthy habits to divert your mind and feel satisfied. How about going on a 5 minutes’ walk every day? It will give you immense satisfaction and will not only help you to quit smoking but will also help you to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

9. Ask for friend’s help

You might even take help of your friends who are non-smokers and who will motivate you to quit smoking. Friends are the only ones that help you keep going especially when you feel a strong urge to smoke. Just talk with them, and have a healthy snack instead.

10. Try to exercise

Exercise is the best method to keep you motivated. Exercising not only distracts your mind until the cravings pass by; it also reduces your urge to lighten up your cigarette. This is because exercising boosts your endorphins and makes you feel great.

11. Stay away from anything related to cigarettes

Track your habits and stay away from anything that might remind you of smoking, or enhance your urge to smoke. It is highly recommended to remove all the materials related to cigarettes like ashtrays, lighter or anything that might motivate you to smoke.

12. Monitor your cravings

Be aware of your cravings and monitor your withdrawal symptoms. On an average, your craving to smoke might last just for 5-10 minutes. Thus, when you feel a strong urge to smoke, simply divert your mind and engage yourself in some other work. You might like to hear music, talk with someone or eat a candy.

13. Keep your mouth busy

If nothing seems to work out and you feel emptiness, it is highly recommended to chew a few gums for the time being. There are various gums available in the market such as Nicotex, which will help keep your mouth busy and will also help you motivate in quitting the habit.

14. Think about the gains that smoking will offer you

You might also like to try various alternatives to smoking. Vaping is one of them. It helps you quit cigarettes by reducing your nicotine intake slowly and gradually. The key here is to focus on the gains that quitting smoking will offer you. The right mindset and positive attitude can go a long way in helping you to succeed. You might find it difficult to cope up with the urge to smoke but think of the happiness of your family, or how vaping can save your money which you would have otherwise spent on smoking.

15. Avoid caffeinated drinks

Alcohol and other caffeinated products make cigarettes taste better and would make it harder for you to stick to your non-smoking goal. So, it is highly recommended to stay away from such drinks and drink plenty of water and juices instead.

Your Turn…
Always remember that the disadvantages of quitting the habit don’t last for a very long time but the advantages will last for the rest of your life. Keep in mind that your motivation will be higher only and only if you are convinced.

Have you been benefited by the above measures? Please let us know.